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  • How to get rid of invasive roots once and for all | All Stake Supply
    17 May, 2022

    The arborists rule of thumb says tree roots are 1.5 times its height. Tree roots spread outward in search of water and nutrients to maintain growth. While doing this, they can become invasive. And will cause issues to your foundations and driveway. We will show you how you can get rid of invasive roots. Without […]

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  • Planting trees with tree guards and how to care for them
    07 January, 2022

    Trees don’t only provide visual aesthetics. Regardless of the size, trees have helpful functional aspects. As one of the most useful revegetation products out there, tree guards affirm the functionality of a newly planted tree and work to preserve its integrity and usefulness in its foundational growth stages. Have a look below at some reasons […]

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  • Tree guards for protection against animals
    21 June, 2021

    Animals often take interest in new, young trees. Sometimes, fencing your property might not effectively keep all the pesky animals away. Investing in tree guards not only protects your plants from weather-related damage but animal-related destruction too. Keep reading to learn more about the various tree guard protection All Stake Supply has to offer. Green […]

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  • Regulating root growth with root barriers
    31 May, 2021

    Root barriers are reliable and trustworthy measures to control root growth. Numerous Australian trees take in a lot of water when faced with hot, dry conditions. This means that once the water is depleted from one part of the soil, roots will begin to spread to other areas to obtain more water. This dispersion of […]

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  • Bringing life to paved areas
    25 November, 2020

    Have you recently paved a section of your garden to transform into a stunning entertainment area? You have probably been overwhelmed by the countless options Pinterest has to offer for “Garden Ideas 2020”. Your garden is a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. Apart from the outdoor seating and man-made furnishing structures, your paved areas need […]

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  • Landscaping Supplies for Tree Guard Protection
    30 May, 2014

    When planting trees we need to ensure that the trees we plant are well protected from destruction. Did you know that 50% or more of all newly planted trees rarely make it past 2 years? The reality is that trees are often under attack from bad climate, poor soil and living creatures, humans included. Many […]

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