Planting trees with tree guards and how to care for them

Planting trees with tree guards and how to care for them

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Trees don’t only provide visual aesthetics. Regardless of the size, trees have helpful functional aspects. As one of the most useful revegetation products out there, tree guards affirm the functionality of a newly planted tree and work to preserve its integrity and usefulness in its foundational growth stages.

Have a look below at some reasons why property owners plant trees and why tree guards are one of the most popular and highly recommended revegetation products used to look after newly planted trees. These benefits do apply to both commercial and residential contexts.

What Are the Benefits of Planting trees?

Erosion is only for very dry or very wet areas
Tree canopies act as an umbrella barrier between falling rain and the surface of the ground. In this way, rain moves along the layers of the tree such as the leaves, branches, and trunk, so that the roots can absorb it, thereby increasing soil infiltration. Soil infiltration is essentially the rate and capacity that helps to recharge groundwater aquifers.

Trees refine air quality
Urban tree plantings offer sizable air quality enhancements. This is normally a primary concern for many cities where levels of air pollution are very high.

Trees reduce the impact of the greenhouse effect
Harmful emissions are reduced through strategically planted trees.

Trees minimise urban traffic speeding
Studies have shown a reduction in the number and severity of off-the-road crashes on tree-lined streets compared to streets without them.

Trees improve security and protection
The more a place looks cared for, the more people tend to care and show the surrounding neighbourhood the same effort for keeping a well-kept area. Trees give us protection from rain, sun, and heat and lower urban air temperatures.

Trees boost business’s sales
Businesses on tree-lined streets benefit from increased revenues and therefore more taxes are generated.

They elongate pavement life
Trees slow the sidewalk wear and tear and reduce the cost of frequent pavement repair and replacement.

Looking at trees has health benefits
The presence of trees is known to reduce blood pressure and improve overall emotional and psychological health.

Trees upgrade property value
Statistically, well-kept trees increase property value to adjacent homes and businesses.

Protect newly planted trees with high-quality industrial-grade tree guards

Using plastic tree guards helps protect young or newly planted trees from winter sun damage, which is caused by warm winter days followed by frigid nights. Warm summer days cause tree bark to expand, but the freezing temperatures that follow then cause splitting in the bark. This splitting in the tree’s bark can cause burning or scalding of the newly exposed bark, regardless of the season.

Another reason for using tree guards is protection against other wildlife, such as rodents and rabbits. They also offer support since young trees have weaker trunk strength during harsh weather conditions; however, there are other important reasons to take advantage of plastic tree guards.

Young, newly planted trees are more susceptible to damage to the tree trunk during the first few years in the ground, which can affect the health of the tree down the line. All Stake Supply offers versatile, plastic tree covers that make protecting your tree easy during its most vulnerable time.

What Is a Plastic Tree Guard?

Plastic tree guards are most commonly made from single-face plastic that not only protects the base of the trunk but also keeps the area dark, cool and perfect for growth. Lightweight and highly customisable to any tree size, plastic tree guards are incredibly easy to use.

The tree’s trunk carries the vascular system which is an essential part of its vitality. Tree guards are used to prevent damage to the trunk from deliberate vandalism or accidental damage.

The addition of tree guards can make a high-quality visual design statement in public realm schemes.

Tree guards are supplied in two parts to allow simple fitting after planting. Once a tree reaches a suitable size, it can be removed and re-used elsewhere.

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