Category: Erosion Control Products

  • Planting trees with tree guards and how to care for them
    07 January, 2022

    Trees don’t only provide visual aesthetics. Regardless of the size, trees have helpful functional aspects. As one of the most useful revegetation products out there, tree guards affirm the functionality of a newly planted tree and work to preserve its integrity and usefulness in its foundational growth stages. Have a look below at some reasons […]

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  • Common Misconceptions about erosion control
    07 December, 2021

    Erosion is more common than most think. Your garden could be eroding slowly before your eyes, and you wouldn’t even know it! Many myths circulate often regarding erosion control and give misleading information which could do more damage than good. Keep reading to learn about some common misconceptions people often have with erosion and erosion […]

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  • How jute matting benefits your garden
    06 July, 2021

    Many landscapers and homeowners in Sydney hear about jute matting as an excellent erosion control product. The product may even be already used on their property. Still, few understand how jute matting works and its many benefits. Understanding how jute matting works will help you fully utilise this erosion control product. Your garden is consistently […]

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  • What can you plant on a hillside to control erosion
    21 January, 2021

    Gardening is a common challenge, and the difficulties can throw people off too soon.  Often the gardener isn’t even the issue, the landscape is. Some gardens have geographical limitations to what you can do, which can frustrate those who don’t know how to prevent erosion, particularly on slopes. Trying to establish and maintain a luscious, […]

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  • Invasive root growth – problems and solutions
    04 January, 2021

    Australia is home to many beautiful indigenous trees and bushes such as the Jacaranda tree, which takes in a lot of water from the soil.  If the water is depleted from this part of the ground, the roots begin traveling and growing outward in search of a nutrient-rich, water source.  Often this dispersion of roots […]

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  • 3 Effective Ways to Minimise Soil Erosion
    23 March, 2015

    Soil erosion occurs when land is disturbed by either natural elements or daily activities. Its development is often unnoticed but it brings serious damage to the soil, making it lose much of its nutrients.

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  • How to Use Jute Mesh for Erosion Control
    30 November, 2014

    Jute Mesh is a coarse, open mesh material that is made up of natural jute fibres. It is commonly used as an erosion control product. Jute Mesh is applied to prevent erosion, hold seeds intact, and to stabilised slopes. It allows plant and/or natural vegetation to grow through while keeping the soil in place. The […]

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