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  • 3 practical uses for grass reinforcement products
    11 October, 2019

    Grass surfaces are often exposed to daily human activities and heavy traffic that cause the turf to rut and wear. If not taken care of, grass areas may become swampy and muddy which lead to ugly lawns and potential damages.

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  • Best Grass Pavers for Homes
    26 August, 2015

    Grass pavers are perfect for outdoor trafficked areas that are prone to be used as driveways, car parks, and pedestrian thoroughfares. Homeowners who often park on grass also use grass pavers as ground protection.

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  • A Practical Park on Grass Solution
    28 January, 2015

    If you need to create extra parking and are looking for an affordable solution on how to park on grass or gravel without damaging the surface, good news! You’ve come to the right place! Rut and tear are common problems in grass carparks and driveways. Grass reinforcement products are the perfect solution as they can […]

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  • Turf & Grass Reinforcement Products
    07 May, 2014

    Whether you’re looking to park on grass or give your ground protection,  All Stake Supply has the complete Grass Reinforcement Range at competitive prices.

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  • Turf Reinforcement Solutions
    01 May, 2014

      Client: Macquarie University – Internal Infrastructure Project Location: X8 Car park, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia Product: GrassProtecta Standard 2m x 20m Application: 7500sqm of Reinforced Grass Parking Installation: Early 2011

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