Tree guards for protection against animals

Tree guards for protection against animals

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Animals often take interest in new, young trees. Sometimes, fencing your property might not effectively keep all the pesky animals away. Investing in tree guards not only protects your plants from weather-related damage but animal-related destruction too.

Keep reading to learn more about the various tree guard protection All Stake Supply has to offer.

Green Guard

The green guard solid design is suitable for protecting olive trees, vines, and natives from the elements, herbicide drift, vermin, and wildlife attacks. Each tree guard is made from a thick UV-stabilised rigid plastic for greater longevity and durability.

The guards have no sharp edges therefore no damage will occur to the plant from the installation. Only one hardwood or bamboo stake is needed for each tree guard. We recommend using an 88 – 10mm x 60cm or 10 – 12mm x 60cm stake. It is welded shut and ready to use.

Mesh Guard

A strong UV-stabilised polypropylene mesh tree guard comes pre-cut or on a roll. The 25m roll is used by the National Parks and Wildlife Service as a 1.35m tree guard to protect plants from wallabies and rabbits.

It’s popular because it can be cut to size with ease. Two bamboos (10-12mm x 75cm), hardwood stakes (17 x 17mm x 75cm), or steel fence posts are required for each mesh guard installation. 

Mesh Guard

Cardboard Milk Carton Tree Guard

The cardboard milk carton tree guards are made from surplus recycled milk cartons. There are slits on both sides to slide the stakes through.

This is the most economical form of tree guard available. It requires two bamboo stakes, and 8 – 10mm x 60cm is recommended for each tree guard. It is also completely bio-degradable, furthermore conserving the environment.

Additionally, interest yourself in All Stake Supply’s natural round bamboo canes to prop up and support any tree guard you purchase and install around your young plants. Natural bamboo canes are a strong and durable material that is used for plant and tree guard supports.

Bamboo canes are an economical alternative to hardwood stakes for small to medium-sized plants. They are smooth and non-abrasive and are available in assorted thicknesses and heights.

For more information on these products and how to protect your young trees from animal damage, contact All Stake Supply today on 1300 130 123.