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  • Combating weeds with jute matting
    29 April, 2021

    Pesky invasive weeds Whether you are tending to your community, home, or workplace garden, you are bound to come across unwanted weed growth. Weeds have the potential to invade and take over your garden entirely if left unchecked. Furthermore, weeds cause a wide array of problems many aren’t even aware of, such as: Animal injury […]

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  • Fighting flooding with sandbags
    16 March, 2021

    Sydney’s rainy seasons can bring long weeks of constant rain, often unexpectedly. Preparing for the season ahead will ensure your property is not damaged by the pouring rain or pooling water. We often spend hours and hours on our gardens, making them look presentable and healthy. But then a single heavy thundershower can flood and […]

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  • Which tree guard is best for you?
    08 April, 2020

    Tree guards can be essential to ensuring the survival of your plants and trees – especially when they’re young and vulnerable to external forces.

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  • Why porous pavers are perfect for commercial landscapes
    22 June, 2017

    Commercial landscapes offer up a very unique set of challenges for the organisations that possess them. They need to be beautiful, functional and easy to maintain, and they need to do all this while conveying a certain level of professionalism. A commercial landscape embodies the organisation which it fronts; it gives passers-by insight into how […]

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  • Can I lay a gravel driveway myself?
    01 June, 2017

    As far as driveway materials go, gravel is the simplest material to deal with by far. Rather than needing to clinically lay pavers or professionally pour concrete.

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  • What are garden stakes used for?
    11 May, 2017

    The humble garden stake is a staple for many a backyard gardener. But for those without a green thumb, what do they do? Why do you need them?

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  • 5 reasons why you should choose a gravel driveway
    31 January, 2017

    The options are many and varied – you’ve got the choice of concrete, paver, bitumen and (if you’re brave enough) turf. But in many situations, one driveway finish stands head and shoulders above the rest – gravel. Gravel driveways have forever been a popular choice for homeowners because they bring a wealth of advantages to […]

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