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  • 3 benefits of coir matting
    03 December, 2018

    In both gardens and in commercial projects, one problem which greatly impedes progress is land erosion. The erosion of land, such as soil and sand, can result in both hefty financial costs and labour costs. However, there is one very effective means of dealing with land erosion – coir matting. Coir matting is a sheet of weaved coconut fibre that is designed to bring strength and structure to loose sand and soil. However, as well as providing strength, coir matting has many other environmental benefits.

    Promoting growth of plants

    As well as providing strength and shape to loose earth and sand, coir matting is also used to promote the growth of new plants that are added alongside it. As coir matting is made up entirely of coconut fibre, it integrates easily into any environment, which results in no environmental damage. Coir matting also provides support for the root systems of plants, meaning that they can grow upon slopes that they wouldn’t normally be able to grow on. As a result, coir matting is often used to restore the presence of plant life in sloped areas. Coir matting can also be used to keep weeds away from your plants, further promoting their growth.

    Moisture retention

    If you find that your soil is having difficulties holding moisture, using coir matting is a great way to helping your soil retain the moisture so that it can be utilised for keeping your plants hydrated. This is because coconut fibre is very good at absorbing moisture and keeping its condition after heavy exposure to moisture. This means that coir matting can often last up to five years without needing to be removed or replaced.

    Limited environmental impact

    Another great benefit of coir matting is how beneficial it is the environment. Coir matting is entirely biodegradable, meaning that it doesn’t remain to damage the environment after it’s done its job. This is one of the things that sets coir matting above some other erosion control products, which are made of plastic that can remain as pollutants within the environment.

    These are just some of the reasons as to why coir matting is one of the best erosion control products available today. Whether you need erosion control for a residential project or for a large-scale commercial project, you can always fine high-quality coir matting at All Stake Supply, one of Sydney’s leaders in erosion control products. At All Stake Supply, we’re always on hand to answer your questions, and we’ll work with you to make sure that you find the ideal erosion control product for your project. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 1300 130 123 today.

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  • Implementing effective erosion control for your site
    27 November, 2018

    Although it may be an often-overlooked duty when preparing a site for development, construction or renovation, setting up your erosion control measures is extremely important, with many local councils enforcing it in order to reduce pollution and protect the environment. But there are many different ways that you can implement erosion control, with each method varying in its effectiveness. In order to make the process less confusing, we’ve put together some extremely successful methods that you can use to make your site environmentally friendly.

    Geotextile barriers

    With new homes and new roads popping up all over Sydney, there is a lot of pollution coming from those new housing estates. For those who work on those sites, the ability to control the flow of pollution from erosion control is lost as soon as the pollution meets the drain, where it makes its way back into Sydney’s waterways.

    One way to prevent this from happening is to place geotextile barriers before any drain openings, which creates a barrier between any liquid-borne pollution and the drain opening. Geotextile barriers are made out of polypropylene fibre, which is designed to filter out any pollution from the water it’s being held in. As a result, geotextile barriers are a perfect way to reduce pollution without inundating the roads with water.

    Coir logs

    If you’re looking to control erosion in a less built-up environment, such as wetlands or a riverbank, you’ll need a solution that is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. In this case, coir logs are the perfect product. Coir logs are designed to fill in the gaps in erosion control that would normally be filled by vegetation.

    Coir logs are made entirely from coconut fibres, meaning that they can be blend in with their surroundings and provide structure to any plant life that ends up going around them. Coir logs also have very few installation and maintenance requirements – just place them where they need to go, and they’ll do the rest.

    Coir matting

    Like coir logs, coir matting is made entirely from coconut fibre, which means that it’s perfect if you need to implement any erosion control measures within a natural environment. But, unlike coir logs, coir matting is designed to control erosion over a much larger area by adding strength to the ground it’s placed on. As well as providing strength to its surroundings, coir matting also encourages plant growth and provides the earth with some resistance against the temperature and wind.

    If done properly, your erosion control measures should make your site both environmentally friendly and council-friendly. If you need effective erosion control solutions, talk to All Stake Supply. We’re amongst Sydney’s leaders in erosion control, and we supply high-quality erosion control equipment, such as geotextile barriers and coir matting. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 1300 130 123 today.


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  • The importance of smart driveway crossovers
    23 October, 2018

    Driveways are a lot more important to a homes overall appearance than many people think. The driveway should always be constructed in a way that compliments the style of the home, as this will create great kerb appeal overall. At All Stake Supply, we’ve got you covered for all environmental terrain solutions, from porous driveway pavers to coir matting.


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  • Which driveway pavers are right for my home?
    26 September, 2018

    Pavers have become increasingly popular for driveways in recent times, and for good reason. They can be made into any shape and colour and come in a variety of different materials, so there’s a style out there to suit your needs and budget. However, which such a wide selection out there, which driveway pavers should you choose?


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  • Why it’s important to minimise soil erosion
    17 August, 2018

    Soil erosion is when the top layer of soil is worn away on a certain area of land. This can occur naturally, through wind and rain, or through human activities. Soil erosion can ruin the aesthetics of the land and massively jeopardise your ability to use the land for growing crops and so forth. Keeping the land secure with methods like coir matting and revegetation is a great place to start. Here’s why it’s so important to minimise soil erosion. (more…)

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  • Caring for your plants during their early stages of life
    27 July, 2018

    When it comes to developing a new garden, it’s imperative that you understand the appropriate methods of plant care, especially when the plants are in their early stages of life. From adequate watering to using garden stakes, here are some tips on caring for your young plants. (more…)

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  • Maintaining your driveway pavers
    24 May, 2018

    The first step to making your home an attractive one is getting your driveway right. Driveway care is a lot more important than many people think, and driveways have far more importance in a homes first impression than many people think. Particularly if your driveway consists of a surface like porous pavers, regular maintenance is key in ensuring the overall ambience of your home is a good one. (more…)

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