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  • Common Misconceptions about erosion control
    07 December, 2021

    Erosion is more common than most think. Your garden could be eroding slowly before your eyes, and you wouldn’t even know it! Many myths circulate often regarding erosion control and give misleading information which could do more damage than good. Keep reading to learn about some common misconceptions people often have with erosion and erosion […]

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  • Differences between jute matting and coir matting
    11 November, 2021

    Soil erosion appears on your property in a myriad of ways, in various locations, and throughout the seasons. Ignoring and letting these issues unattended can be costly and damaging. It’s essential to take the necessary precautions with your land to maintain and fight the consequences of erosion, effectively maintaining a happy and healthy garden. Keep […]

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  • Discover the ground-breaking uses of root barriers
    02 October, 2021

    Tree roots naturally go out seeking water, either deep underground or close to the surface depending on its route structure. In cases of dry conditions or trees close to underground piping, gas lines, foundations or electrical lines, the roots can go out of their way to find a bit of water. This usually cause issues […]

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  • 3 revegetation products that guarantee a healthy garden
    29 September, 2021

    With the hotter seasons approaching, you may be looking to revive your dormant garden. Your grasses, shrubs, trees, and foliage has been sleeping for several months and they need a little rejuvenation to look healthy and fresh for the spring and summer. Keep reading below to learn more about various revegetation products you should use […]

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  • Essential products to control erosion
    14 August, 2021

    Gardening is a common challenge. And the difficulties, such as erosion can throw people off. Some gardens have geographical limitations to what you can do to them, which can frustrate those who don’t know how to prevent erosion as such. Erosion can be devastating to battle, especially after investing in expensive landscaping renovations. It is […]

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  • How jute matting benefits your garden
    06 July, 2021

    Many landscapers and homeowners in Sydney hear about jute matting as an excellent erosion control product. The product may even be already used on their property. Still, few understand how jute matting works and its many benefits. Understanding how jute matting works will help you fully utilise this erosion control product. Your garden is consistently […]

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  • Tree guards for protection against animals
    21 June, 2021

    Animals often take interest in new, young trees. Sometimes, fencing your property might not effectively keep all the pesky animals away. Investing in tree guards not only protects your plants from weather-related damage but animal-related destruction too. Keep reading to learn more about the various tree guard protection All Stake Supply has to offer. Green […]

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