Bringing life to paved areas

Bringing life to paved areas

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Have you recently paved a section of your garden to transform into a stunning entertainment area? You have probably been overwhelmed by the countless options Pinterest has to offer for “Garden Ideas 2020”.

Your garden is a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. Apart from the outdoor seating and man-made furnishing structures, your paved areas need to be a blend of paving and greenery, embodying a true amalgamation of man and Mother Nature.

Integrating greenery into your garden’s newly paved areas will raise the value of your property. It will also increase the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Furnishing your paved spaces, whether it is a walkway or seating area, can often be a daunting task without guidance.

Worry not! Keep reading for our tips on how to furnish your paved areas with greenery and more!

8 ideas to enliven the paved sections of your garden

1. Trees

Having a paved pathway to other sections of your property can serve as both a function and an aesthetic garden feature. Depending on the size of your paved path or paved area, planting trees can instantly beautify these spaces.

A compact, bushy row of medium-sized trees can bring elements of privacy to paved entertainment areas. It can also serve as a natural sound barrier to keep your late-night BBQs noise levels low for your neighbours.

Smaller trees planted along a paved pathway increases the aesthetic nature of your walkway by introducing symmetry and greenery.


Planting larger trees on your property isn’t always cheap or easy to do. Growing young tree saplings will be a more cost-effective option instead. You will even have the opportunity to watch your garden grow and transform into your desired nature sanctuary over the years.

2. Flowers

Flowers are elegant additions to paved areas. There are numerous sizes, shapes and colours to choose from when planting them around your paved areas.

A flower garden will attract pollinators such as bees and other insects to your garden, promoting the overall health and growth of all your garden plants.

Flower gardens are an inexpensive way to cultivate a delightful, paved area feature. Apart from enhancing your mood and increasing your garden’s visual appeal, flowers help remove pollutants from the air and hold soil in place, reducing erosion and flooding.

3. Grass

Sydney’s summers are known for the intense heat during the day, often barely getting cooler at night.

Planting grass around your house can reduce temperatures in those areas. Concrete and manufactured materials get hotter much easier than luscious green turf.

Grass not only provides an excellent area for the kids to play on but blends your paving with the rest of your outdoor space and improves the soil structure of your garden. Grass has exceptional water retention, which means no more flooding!


4. Spaced paving

Erratic and spaced paving is becoming a more popular garden feature in modern homes. For a more original finish, having irregular sizes, shapes and spacing of paving slabs will supply this effect.

Alternatively, having evenly spaced paving can also provide you with symmetry and a cleaner look.

Planting grass or integrating gravel in the spaces between will allow your path to flow more naturally.

5. Vegetable Gardens

Veggie gardens are becoming a very popular hobby. Planting and growing your vegetables on either side of a paved path can provide practicality when maintaining the garden, due to the ease of access to the crops from the walkway.

6. Potted plants

If your outdoor area is small and compact, furnishing your paved areas with potted plants such as trees, vegetables, flowers, or general greenery can enhance the visual appeal of your paved area.

Potted plants are also easier to maintain, making your area much cleaner all year round.

potted plants

An additional benefit to decorating your outdoor paved areas with potted plants is the added personal touch you give. You can choose different shapes, sizes and colours of pots to give your home a unique look.

7. Planted walls

Low on floor space? Integrating planted walls in your outdoor area can jazz up your entertainment space.

Not only does it look incredibly modern and vibrant, but a planted green wall will help reduce noise levels as it reflects noise and absorbs acoustics.

8. Lighting

Buying solar-powered lighting such as fairy lights or garden lamps will improve the visual appeal of your garden at night.

Lighting dispersed well throughout the paved walkways and outdoor paved areas create exciting shadows and emphasise different areas of your garden.

Tiki torches are stylish and affordable to make with bamboo and a few other smaller hardware components. Garden Glove has several handy ideas to DIY your tiki torches.

How to conserve the condition of your gardens’ upgraded paved areas

Once you’ve planted all your greenery and finally finished decorating and furnishing your paved spaces, maintenance comes next. A stunning, clean outdoor area requires all the proper maintenance it can get.

Try considering permeable paving to allow better drainage and soil conservation within the area. Other erosion control measures to be taken include coir and jute matting or geotextile fabrics, root barriers and sandbags.

Weeds are pesky, fast-growing invaders of your nature sanctuary. Use jute weed matting to protect the health of your plants. This simple trick will take less time and energy to manage your garden as you won’t need to rid your soil of weeds as much.

Finding reliable plant foods, fertiliser and revegetation products will ensure the nourishment of your plants around your paved areas.

Growing trees can be risky without proper preparation. Staking your trees with tree guards is essential to promote growth and health during the trees younger years.

Be sure to always give your paving a good sweep or hose down to keep your outdoor area looking fresh and classy.

At All Stake Supply, we have all these products available to you. Keeping your garden green and clean is simple and cost-efficient. Call All Stake Supply (1300 130 123) today, to talk about your garden needs.