Hardwood Garden Stakes & Edging

Hardwood Garden Stakes & Edging

All Stake Supply has, for over 30 years, consistently met the demand for quality hardwood stakes from the many industries we serve. We have a large range of bamboo and hardwood garden stakes, survey pegs, garden edging and tree frames to help support growing trees.
Browse our range of landscaping supplies and horticultural supplies below for all landscaping projects.

  • Boundary Survey Pegs

  • Dumpies Survey Pegs

  • Guide Posts

  • Hardwood 17mm x 17mm

  • Hardwood 25mm x 25mm

  • Hardwood 38mm x 38mm

  • Hardwood 50mm x 25mm

  • Hardwood 50mm x 50mm

  • Indicator Survey Pegs

  • Plumbers Tap Stands