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  • Three Tips to Tree Staking
    22 October, 2015

    Landscaping Supplies Sydney

    When it comes to planting young trees, landscapers often choose to stake them in order to support and protect the tree and help them grow properly.  Trees as they grow need to adapt to their environment increase their root ball and develop the capacity to support the tree crown. Staking a tree can help develop these attributes and create a stronger healthy tree. However staking a tree with the wrong technic can actually hinder the trees growth. (more…)

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  • 2 Quick Steps to Stake Large Trees
    23 February, 2015

    A newly planted tree is prone to bending or falling over due to wind, earth movement or man activities. To prevent damage on newly installed large trees, using hardwood stakes are needed for the trunk and roots to grow strong. (more…)

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