A Practical Park on Grass Solution

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If you need to create extra parking and are looking for an affordable solution on how to park on grass or gravel without damaging the surface, good news! You’ve come to the right place! Rut and tear are common problems in grass carparks and driveways. Grass reinforcement products are the perfect solution as they can protect ground surfaces from cars while providing additional parking spaces.

Grass reinforcement products can be purchased from a landscape supplies store and come in a mesh or a plastic paving mat. Read on to see application and installation information about these park on grass products.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh GR11

Park on Grass - Grass Protecta

GrassProtecta® Mesh – This type of grass reinforcement is a thick interweaved polyethylene mesh. It has an angled surface to reduce slipping and is best installed during the growing season. It has a load capacity of up to 6 tonnes per axle. The installation is fast and easy with no need for excavation or soil removal

Park on Grass Turf Protecta

Turf Protecta Mesh – This mesh is made from an extruded plastic mesh and is 100% recycled. Turf Protecta is used for foot traffic and occasional car usage areas

Refer to our website for installation guides on these two different products.

If you need more information about laying grass reinforcement mesh, watch a tutorial on how to Install Grass Protecta.

Turf Reinforcement Mesh TR4

Park on Grass Econo Grid 40

EconoGrid40 is manufactured from polyethylene and provides a well-reinforced surface which is ideal for cars and pedestrian use. It can withstand up to 150t/m2  of the load. The 40mm deep cells on the EconoGrid40 protect the grassroots from damage and the indent cell design allows grassroots to grow unencumbered from one cell to the next resulting in stronger, thicker grass coverage. Can be also be filled with gravel as an alternative to grass.

Park on Grass Bodpave 85

Bodpave® 85 is made from a recycled polymer that can withstand a carload up to 400t/m2. It has built-in spikes underneath to prevent movement and sideways slipping. It can be and can be filled with gravel or turf relayed. Bodpave® 85 minimises water runoff which makes it an ideal choice for areas with soft soil.

How to Install Paving Grass Reinforcement

This installation process requires a lot of ground preparation.

  1. Excavate soil to flatten the ground and remove rocks, debris or existing turf
  2. Put sand on the area and level the surface
  3. Roll out a filter fabric on the area to use it as a sub base
  4. Layout the Bodpave® 85 by connecting the pieces
  5. Cut or trim where necessary

If you would like to know more about the features of the Bodpave® 85 Grass Reinforcement, watch a video tutorial on how to Install Bodpave85.

Grass reinforcement is a practical solution if you are looking to convert grass and gravel surfaces into additional parking spaces.

If you need more information about the park on grass products, contact All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123.