Turf Reinforcement Solutions

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turf reinforcement


Client: Macquarie University – Internal Infrastructure Project
Location: X8 Car park, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Product: GrassProtecta Standard 2m x 20m
Application: 7500sqm of Reinforced Grass Parking
Installation: Early 2011

turf reinforcement solution


Client: Stonecutters Ridge, Golf Course Internal Infrastructure Project

Location: Colebee, Sydney, Australia
Product: GrassProtecta Standard 2m x 20m & 1m x 10m
Application: Golf Course pathways entry and exit points require grass reinforcement and protection


park on grass reinforcement


Client: Wyong Shire Council

Location: Central Coast, NSW Australia
Product: GrassProtecta
Application: An alternative to timber rails. Quick to install and easy to maintain.


For more information on park on grass and turf reinforcement solutions, visit: Grass Reinforcement Products or Grass & Ground Reinforcement.