3 Practical Uses for Grass Reinforcement Products

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Grass reinforcement productsGrass surfaces are often exposed to daily human activities and heavy traffic that causes the turf to rut and wear. Unprotected grass surfaces can often result in a muddy and swampy lawn. Grass reinforcement products are designed to prevent traffic from damaging the turf. Used to protect grass from heavy footfall and vehicular traffic, Grass Protecta maintains a porous green scape. critical in reducing stormwater runoff.

The common problem with turfed areas such as lawns, parks, golf courses and other sporting surfaces is that the grass is prone to frequent traffic that causes wearing and smearing of the grass. Grass protection solutions protect the root zone and stop compaction allowing grass species to vigorous bounce back after being trafficked.

Some grass protection solutions include cellular paving systems and grass protection mesh and are commonly used for Park on grass applications. These types of grass reinforcement systems are cost-effective and easy to install for or permanent use.

Grass reinforcement products are suitable to apply for the following purpose:

Car Parks

Need more parking spaces? Grass Reinforcement mesh such as the GrassProtecta is ideal to use for grass surface parking as a park on grass solution. Installing turf reinforcement products on large lawns allows for extra car space if more parking is needed. Grass reinforcement mesh is capable of withstanding car traffic and light vehicle loads.

Outdoor Events

Hosting an outdoor event? Maximise accessibility with a turf reinforcement product such as Turf Protecta. This is an ideal product to use on grass surfaces that require pedestrian access and could be applied to areas requiring walkways, pram and wheelchair access.

Golf Courses

Grass Paving Grids for grass reinforcement such as the BodPave 85 and EconoGrid 40 provides a strong, porous reinforced grass surface that is perfect for grassy areas that are susceptible to constant wear and tear caused by golf buggy driving and sporting activities.

Grass reinforcement products are very durable when regularly maintained. Consult with turf and grass reinforcement experts on the most suitable grass protection for your application. To learn more about grass reinforcement solutions, contact All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123 or visit www.grassreinforcement.com.au for a range of quality grass protection products.