Best Grass Pavers for Homes

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Grass pavers are perfect for outdoor trafficked areas that are prone to be used as driveways, car parks, and pedestrian thoroughfares. Homeowners who often park on grass also use grass pavers as ground protection.

The durability and permeability of PP40 pavers make it a popular choice in many commercial properties, public spaces and residential developments. It is known as a better and cost-effective alternative for concrete.

Here are some of the best grass and gravel pavers to use for homes:

Econo Grid Park on Grass

PP40 Pavers  – PP40  pavers are made of UV stabilized recycled plastic designed to withstand the weight of vehicles permissible on Australian roads. It is ideal for porous gravel car parks and residential driveways. PP40  pavers reduce the need for expensive drainage solutions and stormwater retention because they are porous. Rainwater infiltrates into the ground rather than dispensing into the stormwater drainage system.

EconoGrid 40

EconoGrid 40 – EconoGrid grass paver is one of the most economical grass reinforcement pavers for creating driveways and car parks. Specifically, design for Australian grasses it has a 40mm cell that protects the grassroots and a castellated cell structure which allows the grass runners to connect from once cell to the next, resulting in a greater, thicker grass cover over the pavers. EconoGrid 40 can be applied with grass and gravel areas used for parking surfaces, access roads and driveways.

Councils discourage residential homes to have more than 2 car spaces because their surface is generally impermeable, but if you have children that drive, trailers or caravan’s the extra vehicles need areas for parking. Make your front lawn a useable car space in all weather and council compliant. Grass reinforcement is a practical solution if you are looking to protect your lawn or cover gravel surfaces. If you need more information about parking on grass products, contact Grass Reinforcement experts on 1300 130 123.