Why it’s important to minimise soil erosion

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Soil erosion is when the top layer of soil is worn away on a certain area of land. This can occur naturally, through wind and rain, or human activities. Soil erosion can ruin the aesthetics of the land and massively jeopardise your ability to use the land for growing crops and so forth. Keeping the land secure with methods like coir matting and revegetation is a great place to start. Here’s why it’s so important to minimise soil erosion.

Fields that have been susceptible to overgrazing or stripped of their vegetation tend to leave the soil exposed and therefore very prone to erosion. The topsoil of an area of land is the most nutrient-dense, healthy part, and if this erodes, the underlying soil will struggle even more so to fight erosion.

This damage can make it difficult for the land to be used to grow crops and plants, highlighting the importance of minimising soil erosion. Here are some ways to do so:

Preserve the vegetation

Trees are probably the best way to control erosion. Tree roots help to prevent the land from eroding when it comes to steep slopes. Planting new trees is a good idea if the land is sloped, just remember to use some garden stakes when the tree is young.

If you are developing in a new area, it’s very important to preserve as much of the vegetation as possible. Protecting the plants and trees in the area will protect as much of the fertile soil as possible, and this is the kind of soil that has the natural ability to best fight against erosion.


Fabrics like coir matting are a great way to stabilise the topsoil. They will greatly minimise erosion of the soil from wind and rain, whilst also filtering the rainwater through to the soil to ensure it stays healthy.


Hydromulch is a mixture of seeds, mulch, fertiliser and water. It is applied to soil to prevent it from eroding in the rain. Hydromulch is extremely effective when it comes to minimising soil erosion.

Be wary of your livestock

If you happen to have livestock, make sure you’re aware of the areas in which they are grazing. If you begin to notice bare patches of land, move them away from this area.

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