Root Barrier

Root Barrier

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Tree and plant roots can aggressively invade surrounding areas, causing major damage to paths, roads, services and retaining walls. Root Control Barrier is a flexible High-Density Polythene (HDPE) membrane that restricts unwanted and invasive root growth, particularly in streetscapes. Keeping the roots out and the moisture in, Root Barrier is light and easy to install and offers a far greater cost efficiency than expensive and inferior methods such as concrete, fibre cement sheeting and sheet metal.


  • Stops the spread of roots to unwanted areas
  • Reduces damage to walkways, driveways, roads, and building foundations
  • Easy to install, cut to shape and is cost effective.
  • Butyl tape is a pressure sensitive tape designed to form a moisture and vapour seal. It is the joining tape to use on root barrier.
  • UV stabilised high-density polyethylene ensures long-term protection
  • Retains moisture around root ball


Black 1000UM, 1mm Thickness
We cut to the length & width to suit your job requirements

Available in 50 metre rolls:

450 x 1000mm

500 x 1000mm

600 x 1000mm



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