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EconoGrid40™ provides a porous reinforced surface allowing for frequent pedestrian, car and heavy vehicle traffic. An alternative to concrete and asphalt, EconoGrid40 is suitable for both grassed and gravel areas.

The 40mm deep cells on the EconoGrid40 protect the grassroots from damage and the indent cell design allows grass roots to grow unencumbered from one cell to the next resulting in stronger, thicker grass coverage.

Light, environmentally friendly and with a unique interlocking mechanism on each paver, EconoGrid40 is easy to install saving time and labour.


  • Parking areas
  • Nature Strip
  • Caravan parks
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Horse and livestock stables


  • Patented designed allowing load bearing capacity up to 150 t/m2
  • Manufactured from 100% high-density polyethylene
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM D1621-10
  • Aesthetically pleasing and free draining reinforced surface
  • Indent cells allow grass to spread and grow unencumbered
  • The unique Interlocking system lends to a faster installation process
  • Allowing you to park on the grass


Grids 638 x 532 x 40mm (3 pavers per m2) Price per m2.

For installation guides please see Orange Download Tab above. Information also available at


2-EconoGrid40 Installation Guide.pdf


EconoGrid 40 Driveway.pdf


EconoGrid 40 Gravel - Driveway and Nature Strip.pdf


EconoGrid 40 - Grass & Gravel Pavers


How can I determine which grass pavers are right for me?
Our website houses a lot of information about which grass pavers work best for individual situations. We are also available to chat about your needs at 1300 130 123.

How often will I need to replace my grass pavers?
Grass pavers will not need to be replaced ever. 

Do you offer council/trade discounts for grass pavers?
We offer quantity discounts.

Are all your grass pavers made with recycled materials?
Our TruckGrid max is made from recycled plastics and we do offer Econogrid40TM which is environmentally friendly. 

What is the maximum load per m2?
150 ton is the maximum load per Econogrid, which is more than sufficient for most uses.