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  • What can you plant on a hillside to control erosion
    21 January, 2021

    Gardening is a common challenge, and the difficulties can throw people off too soon.  Often the gardener isn’t even the issue, the landscape is. Some gardens have geographical limitations to what you can do, which can frustrate those who don’t know how to prevent erosion, particularly on slopes. Trying to establish and maintain a luscious, […]

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  • Invasive root growth – problems and solutions
    04 January, 2021

    Australia is home to many beautiful indigenous trees and bushes such as the Jacaranda tree, which takes in a lot of water from the soil.  If the water is depleted from this part of the ground, the roots begin traveling and growing outward in search of a nutrient-rich, water source.  Often this dispersion of roots […]

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  • Bringing life to paved areas
    25 November, 2020

    Have you recently paved a section of your garden to transform into a stunning entertainment area? You have probably been overwhelmed by the countless options Pinterest has to offer for “Garden Ideas 2020”. Your garden is a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. Apart from the outdoor seating and man-made furnishing structures, your paved areas need […]

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  • When to install and remove tree guards
    23 October, 2020

    Did you know tree guards are an essential protective barrier for your young trees?

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  • Do root barriers work?
    21 September, 2020

    Australian plants are used to the harsh climate. However, they sometimes struggle to find water and their roots will travel long and far to reach the necessary nourishment.

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  • How to control coastal erosion
    20 August, 2020

    Coastal erosion occurs when tides or wind carry the sand sediment away from the shore and move them into the ocean. This means there is less land above water and more below.

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  • Sand bag applications
    14 July, 2020

    When it comes to erosion control, you can’t take any chances. You need tried and tested solutions for your landscaping or construction projects. Sand bags offer an easy, affordable and effective method for all your applications.

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