Sand bag applications

Sand bag applications

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When it comes to erosion control, you can’t take any chances. You need tried and tested solutions for your landscaping or construction projects. Sand bags offer an easy, affordable and effective method for all your applications.

If you are unsure what sand bags are useful for, then don’t worry! We have compiled a detailed list of their various applications and how you can get yours today.

Flood control

Australia is no stranger to weird and wild weather systems. Large amounts of rain can quickly and effortlessly erode beaches, gardens and pastures.

Having sand bags can allow you to control the flow of water and help avoid costly and considerable damage. Sand bags make great retaining walls and can be placed directly on top of soil to prevent water from washing the surface away.

In emergencies, this product can make all the difference. Having sand bags in supply is highly recommended, especially if you live in high-flood zones.

Sand bags flood

Construction sites

If you perform a lot of construction or renovations, then sand bags are ideal for you. Whether they act as temporary retaining walls or are used for protecting areas, these bags are highly effective.

Because they are filled with sand, they are soft enough to protect flooring, landscapes or other zones, while being able to handle heavy impact from rocks, tools or debris.

Individually they are lightweight, but when packed together, their strength and versatility is enduring.


By packing or stacking sandbags near roadways, paths or other high erosion areas, you are able to offset the damage of erosion control.

Areas on danger of collapse or those affected by high wind or water movement can benefit immensely from the use of sand bags.

Our hessian bags are an eco-friendly way of maintaining your landscape without costly or earth-damaging means. If you have a beach front property, then sand bags make great erosion blockers to large waves pounding the shoreline.

Sand bags landscaping


One of the more historical uses of sand bags was for military fortification. Easy to transport, sand bags were tactfully placed around trenches to help stabilise the walls and also protect soldiers from some debris.

Although your needs may not be as disastrous as a war zone, it is testament to their versatility.

Sports and recreation

Whether used by athletes to help train and build strength or by field caretakers to help stabilise or maintain scenery, sand bags are no stranger to the world of sports.

Because of how these can be shifted and moulded, they are highly desired by runners and other athletes looking to improve their weight carrying ability, while improving grip strength.

Sports sand bags are not necessarily related to erosion control, but again, it highlights their myriad of uses.

If you are in need of effective and harmless erosion control methods that are easy to install, store and maintain, then look no further than All Stake Supply’s sand bags. We provide bulk amounts for any job or land size you may have.

Contact our reliable staff at 1300 130 123 for more information about how you can obtain your very own hessian or polymer sand bags today!