How grass reinforcement products benefit your lawn

How grass reinforcement products benefit your lawn

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When it comes to parking vehicles, many homeowners know it is recommended to avoid lawn areas for the sake of the grass.

Sometimes, with plenty of land and little hard surfaces, there aren’t many parking options available.

This leads to parking on lawns necessary. But don’t fear, parking on your grass doesn’t mean it is the end of your lawn.

With our grass reinforcement products, you can use your lawn for extra parking WHILE preserving and maintaining the health of the lawn you love and cherish.

In fact, you will find your lawn improving rather than being damaged!

Don’t believe us? Keep reading below to discover the benefits grass reinforcement products can have on your turf.

Wear and tear are avoided on your lawn

Heavy foot and vehicle traffic can cause wear and tear on your lawn if it lacks any lawn support structure.

However, by introducing a grass reinforcement product to the area, your turf will be less at risk from heavy traffic.

All of our products are made with foot and vehicle activities in mind.

Catering to both light and heavy loads, the objective of grass reinforcement protection is to minimise the damage that traffic has on your lawn, allowing it to be utilised practically while preventing damage.

The products introduce a structure, spreading the weight loaded across the material instead of taking a toll on the grass itself.

This means less weight is put directly on the grass, instead of relying on the reinforcement structure, saving the turf from impact.

The turf will still look natural and appealing

Placing manufactured protective materials on top of your grass can sound unappealing and once first installed, can look unnatural.

But be rest assured, once the product has taken time to be established, you won’t know any different!

After the installment, the grass will continue to grow. And it will allow the selected grass reinforcement product to merge in and be camouflaged by your grass.

The perfect example of this is our Turf Reinforcement Mesh. The plastic mesh disappears quickly, becoming invisible within the natural grass surface.

Grass pavers, such as the EconoGrid 40 Pavers, are another excellent alternative. They’re a recommended choice when installing a new lawn.

This reinforcement option is installed before your fresh turf, which allows the grass to grow with improved structure from the pavers.

You would never know there was a heavy-duty structure below the thick grass surface!

Your lawn will have unhindered water access

Due to their nature, our grass reinforcement products allow your lawn to grow organically.

Our range is manufactured with an open structure design to encourage natural growth and water permeability.

Your lawn will have unhindered water access

Because of this open structure, unhindered water access is granted to the grass, allowing the roots to be replenished and receive the same water as they would without the structure.

This means if you opt for any of our products, you’ll have no issue ensuring it gets the right amount of water. You are guaranteed to have a fresh, vibrant lawn.

The grassroots will become stronger

Grass reinforcement is ideal for lawns that see heavy foot traffic or fields often used for overflow parking. The structure provided helps your grass become stronger.

Turf reinforcement products reduce the overall grass wear and damage. Because of the minimised rutting and tear, the root base naturally becomes more robust, making it more sustainable.

An exemplary product, porous pavers have a pattern of cells that protect the grassroots from getting damaged.

This indented design manipulates the grass runners to grow within cells, resulting in stronger and thicker grass surfaces. 

Do you require temporary or permanent extra parking on your property? Maybe you want to protect your grass from the heavy foot traffic it experiences daily?

No matter the reason, our grass reinforcement solutions will deliver. Contact All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123 or visit our website to view our range of grass protection products.