5 reasons why you should choose a gravel driveway

2 mins read

The options are many and varied – you’ve got the choice of concrete, paver, bitumen and (if you’re brave enough) turf. But in many situations, one driveway finish stands head and shoulders above the rest – gravel. Gravel driveways have forever been a popular choice for homeowners because they bring a wealth of advantages to the table. Here are just five.

Gravel Driveway

Easy on the hip pocket

Of all the driveway options at your disposal, gravel is almost always the most economical. This is why longer; larger driveways are more-often-than-not finished in gravel; the cost per square metre is far below that of a concrete or paver surface. It does need to be mentioned that you may need to maintain  your gravel every few years, but using EconoGrid 40 pavers in conjunction with gravel dramatically reduces maintenance requirements

Simple to install

A professional will be able to lay a gravel driveway in less than a day. You can then use it straight away because unlike concrete, pavers or bitumen, no waiting period needs to be observed to allow it to set. It’s a simple install that is reflected in the cost.

Relatively simple to maintain

Adding a bit of extra gravel now and again is about all the maintenance that your driveway will need. Unlike hard, impermeable options, gravel driveways are self-cleaning, with rain washing built-up dirt and dust back down into the soil. Adding gravel doesn’t require specialist tools or a specialist skillset either, unlike fixing bitumen or concrete.

Aesthetically flexible

Gravel comes in a wide range of colours, allowing you to match it with whatever the look or theme of your house and property. It provides a far more natural finish than harder surfaces, bring out the beauty of your house and surrounds.

Replenishes groundwater

Lastly, the permeability of a gravel driveway allows water to pass through to your property’s water table, replenishing groundwater supplies and helping the plant life on your property to be as healthy and happy as it can be. Installed with plastic porous pavers such as Econogrid 40 your gravel driveway will not compact and permeability will remain.

Cheap, flexible, beautiful and low maintenance – a gravel driveway is an obvious choice for your driveway surface.

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