Why you should reinforce the ground with grass pavers

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Why you should reinforce the ground with grass pavers

In terms of aesthetics, a grassy front yard is an Australian ideal. Nothing says the Aussie dream like a big patch of green on your property.

But over and above the ability to play backyard cricket matches, grass has a range of natural limitations. Because it needs soft, spongey soil to survive, asking it to bear a load can be a death sentence for the turf.

Grass pavers offer the best of both worlds. They allow you to retain that classic Aussie look while giving the lawn an underlying strength. This is just one benefit of grass pavers, but there are many more. Let’s look at a few of the most major.

A more versatile space

With grass pavers installed on your lawn, you’re able to utilise the space for a wide variety of purposes. Grass pavers allow you to:

• Hide a driveway amongst the lawn
• Offer extra parking on your property for visitors
• Use your lawn as a thoroughfare to other parts of your property
• Offer customer parking at your business
• Build subtle fire escape routes on your commercial property
• Build inconspicuous roadways on golf courses and in nature

Incredible strength

Despite allowing grass to grow through, grass pavers are almost as strong as solid asphalt, concrete or pavers. You can pull your large family car up onto the grass without any fear of damaging it, all the while retaining the beautiful look that lawn offers.

Quick and easy installation

Grass pavers are incredibly easy to install yourself, as they generally use interlocking parts – no special tools or trade skills are required! The process is quick and painless, and you could well install your new grass pavers in just a single afternoon!

The sustainable choice

Grass pavers are a wise choice for both the environment on your property and the environment in general. The grass is particularly efficient at releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, lowering your home’s carbon footprint. The pavers also let stormwater naturally feed into your property’s water table, rather than forcing it to run off into the storm drain!

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