Why investing in grass pavers is more important than you think

2 mins read

Whether you’ve recently decided to pave an area of your home, or you’ve begun to realise that it’s time to upgrade an already paved area. With an abundance of paver types out there, it can be difficult to make a decision, especially if you’re not too familiar with pavers. Grass pavers, or porous pavers, are one of the best investments when it comes to pavers – here’s why.


They’re environmentally friendly

Grass pavers have huge benefits when it comes to the environment. Often called ‘green pavers’, their permeability allows water to pass through them and into the soil beneath. These pavers consist of micro holes, so the rain can filter as it passes through to the earth, reducing the contaminants that enter the soil.

These drainage capabilities ensure that stormwater runoff is massively reduced, and therefore the pollutants that come with it. Hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt assist in stormwater build-ups and therefore increase the level of pollutants in the natural waterways. Lower stormwater levels, created by grass pavers, will also mean rivers and streams are far less likely to flood, and erosion rates will decrease.

They’re easily adaptable

The main uses of grass pavers are for areas like driveways, parking lots and some low-traffic areas. While it mightn’t seem like it, grass pavers provide a very solid surface that can withstand heavy vehicles.
When it comes to this style of paver, colours and shapes are abundant. Choosing a design that will suit your home, building or any other area is so simple. If it’s a natural, grassy look you’re after, then these pavers can be laid further apart, allowing grass to grow in between.

They’re inexpensive

On top of their already mentioned benefits, grass pavers are relatively cheap and fairly easy to install. With this, you may think that they aren’t as sturdy as hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt, but this is not the case. They also require less labour than these other types.

Grass pavers can also be made from recyclable materials, which both makes them cheaper and enhances their environmental consciousness.
These hard surfaces require an underlying drainage system so that they can control water during rain and flooding. With grass pavers, this is not the case, so a lot of money is saved.

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