Which tree guard is best for you?

Which tree guard is best for you?

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Tree guards can be essential to ensuring the survival of your plants and trees – especially when they’re young and vulnerable to external forces.

There is a lot of anticipation that comes when you plant a new tree. The excitement of seeing a seedling grow into a stable structure in our yards is fulfilling.

But when a tree is young, it is vulnerable to the harsh elements and can die quickly. This is why it is essential to protect trees while they grow so that they can remain strong and healthy.

Here are some practical tips for how to protect your growing trees. With several types of tree guards available, we’ve compiled an easy list to outline the main benefits of each type.

Plastic Sleeve Tree GuardPlastic Sleeve Tree Guard

Plastic sleeve guards are the most widely used option for tree protection. Along with its ability to protect plants from pests, wind and herbicides, this guard creates a microenvironment that will reduce UV levels while increasing humidity and carbon dioxide levels for your trees.

Materials required: Three stakes needed for each guard.

Mesh GuardMesh Guard

Mesh guards are available in pre-cut or on a roll where they can be cut to size. Reusable and highly economical, a mesh guard is a perfect choice for planting in locations prone to high winds.

Being a durable solution that allows plants to acclimatise to their surroundings, mesh guards are even used by National Parks and Wildlife Service to protect from wallabies and rabbits!

Materials required: Two stakes or posts needed for each guard.

Milk cartonsMilk Cartons

Not only are milk cartons the cheapest tree guard solution, but they are also biodegradable! Made from, you guessed it – recycled milk cartons, they also have the option of planting slits for stakes to slide through. This method is not only good at protecting your trees; it is good for the environment as well.

Materials required: Two stakes needed for each tree guard.

Green GuardGreen Guard

Green guards are excellent at protecting olive trees, vines and natives from herbicide drift, elements and wildlife.

With greater longevity and durability thanks to thick UV-stabilised rigid plastic, the Green Guard comes ready to use and is safe for your plant. It has no sharp edges that could damage it.

Materials required: Only one stake needed.


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