Porous, brick or concrete pavers: Which driveway option is best?

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Your driveway links your street to your home or garage. It often bears the weight of cars and other vehicles and therefore must be durable and reliable. It is also one of the first features people notice about your home.

the-best-driveway-optionSome driveway materials are better suited to this job than others. Let’s have a look at bricks, concrete pavers and porous pavers, and see which option is best suited to the tough role of driveways.

Brick driveways

One of the most popular options, bricks can give your driveway real style. Available in a variety of colours, and able to be laid in a range of patterns, bricks are one of the more beautiful driveway surface choices.

Where bricks can fall, however, is in their longevity. Because of their relatively small surface area, over time they can begin to shift. Dips and peaks can slowly form, creating wave effects in your driveway which can be exceedingly costly to fix.

Concrete pavers

A slightly larger option when compared to brick pavers, concrete pavers are perhaps the go-to choice for modern-day homeowners. Again, the colour and design options that are available with concrete pavers are excellent, and your driveway can be made to match whatever style your house may have been built in.

But, like brick driveways, the perfectly level concrete paver surface can begin to bend and warp over time, as the heavy loads of your vehicle travel over the same spots year after year. The larger surface area of concrete pavers also makes them more prone to cracking, particularly if they haven’t been properly waterproofed.

Porous pavers

A driveway paver option that is becoming more popular year on year, porous pavers offer a truly unique solution to the problems faced by driveway surfaces. The durable plastic mesh is laid over permeable surfaces such as reduce fine content gravel. Pavers are backfilled with riverbed stone giving them a fantastic finish and the strength to take the heaviest of vehicles

The right kind of porous pavers doesn’t require cleaning, allows you to stay within your council’s soft landscaping guidelines and gives your yard a more natural feel than concrete or brick ever could.

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