Where You Park Can Damage Your Turf

2 mins read

park on grassDon’t damage your turf by parking recklessly! Here are the top four reasons your turf might be getting damaged.

Don’t let your grass fall victim to these mistakes! Something as simple as parking on grass can cause major damage to your lawn.

1. Muffler Burn

You back your car in the driveway, but your rear wheels are over the grass. You briefly leave the car running, causing the muffler to leave burn marks on the grass. If this happens, the grass should repair itself within a couple of weeks. If your grass doesn’t recover, you may have to repair your lawn.

2. Brown Grass From Tyres

Whether you are leaving a lawnmower or something larger on your grass, those yellowed squares can make for an ugly lawn, and compacted soil.

If you park on the grass, your tyres will cause browning as sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide are restricted from reaching the grass blades. Consider some grass pavers to avoid unsightly brown patches.

3. Chemical Burns From A Leaky Vehicle

Symptoms of a car causing chemical burns include; the grass looking streaked, and will be yellow, brown or just plain dead. Parking on your lawn can cause chemical leaks if your vehicle tends to leak. Motor oil, refrigerant, and dirty water can damage your lawn.

4. Ruts

Grass tends to suddenly thrive after rain. If you mow after a big rain or roll a heavy object over a wet lawn, you may end up with ruts. Mowing in the same direction can also cause ruts in your grass, due to compacted soil. Make sure you are mowing when the lawn has had time to dry and mix up your mowing path to avoid ruts.

If you’re struggling with any of these turf-damaging problems, consider some grass pavers or grass protection mesh. Call us on 1300 130 123 to save your grass!