How to Use Jute Mesh for Erosion Control

Erosion Control Product Jute MeshJute Mesh is a coarse, open mesh material that is made up of natural jute fibres. It is commonly used as an erosion control product.

Jute Mesh is applied to prevent erosion, hold seeds intact, and to stabilised slopes. It allows plant and/or natural vegetation to grow through while keeping the soil in place.The matting is biodegradable and can last 1 to 2 years.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install Jute Mesh for erosion control:


  1. Site preparation is the first step before installing Jute Mesh. Excavate the soil surface to correct grades and lines. This ensures that the mesh is placed on smooth subgrade soil.
  1. Remove rocks, shrubs, debris for a  clear installation
  1. If you’re planting into it, spread a layer of top soil over the ground before laying the Mesh.


  1. Dig a trench and bury the top edge 200mm in the ground securing it with Steel or Biodegradable fastening pins
  1. Unroll jute mesh. If the jute mesh is too large, cut to the desired length using a cutting tool.
  1. Pin the jute using 2-3 pins per m2.
  1. When laying multiple rolls, overlap the layers by 10-20 mm and pin accordingly.
  1. If planting into, then place plants at desired positions, cut through the mesh and plant.
  1. Water the installed Mesh so that it contours and holds to the ground.

Jute mesh is useful in the field of landscaping and revegetation. Jute mesh are low-costs, eco-friendly and effective erosion control products. You can purchase other types of matting and geotexiles at All Stake Supply Landscape Supplies. For assistance, call 1300 130 123.