Types and Uses of Survey Pegs

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Construction surveying (also known as “lay-out” or “setting-out”) is the process of indicating or marking precise location and positions in a site, this is usually done by a surveyor in structural or road projects.

Before any construction begins on a development site, a land or building surveyor will undertake surveying to establish boundaries and find out the accurate measurement of the site. This also includes determining the soil levels, foundation depth, elevation, slope distances and other important factors. These professionals carry out surveying with the use of measurement tools and materials including survey pegs (survey stakes).

Survey pegs or survey stakes are used to mark out residential boundaries and indicate points and positions of a site. They are usually made of wood (although some are made of metal or plastic) and come in different sizes and coloured tops.

The coloured marking of a peg allows surveyors to write data on it and easily locate or indicate the area. These pegs have pointed ends and are easily installed.

Here are some commonly used types of high-grade survey pegs:

Indicator Survey PegsIndicator Survey Pegs Landcape Supplies – These are the most common type of hardwood survey pegs used on development sites. They come with coloured markings on the top that are painted in white. Other colours may be available on request

Boundary Survey PegsBoundary Survey Pegs Landscape Supplies – Boundary pegs are often used to mark new boundaries created as a part of a subdivision. These pegs include point, paint and chamfer.

Dumpies Survey PegsDumpies Survey Pegs Landscape Supplies – Dumpies are used to determine the accurate position for installing assets. These are made from hardwood timber and may come painted or unpainted.

Residential Survey PegsResidential Survey Pegs Landscape Supplies – These are used to indicate the exact location for residential property. These are usually painted in white and come in many lengths.

Quick Buying Tip: It is important to use survey pegs that do not break easily when driven into thick, dense soil. Make sure that your survey peg supplier uses quality hardwood for a sturdy ground marker.

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