Four Tips for Revegetation Programs

Forking the vegetable patch

Soil preparation is vital to successful revegetation encouraging the development and survival of tubestock . This involves, soil conditioning, weed control, erosion prevention and correct planting techniques.   When preparing your revegetation site, here’s four things you need to do:

1) Weed Control

Spray and remove the revegetation site of weeds. Weeds will compete for nutrients and water against your tubestock. It is imperative you reduce the competition the tubestock will face to give them the greatest change of survival.

2) As revegetation generally takes place on a site exposed to the elements it is important to protect the top soil from being blown away by wind or washed away during rains.

An accepted practice is to use natural biodegrable mats made from coir or jute which are pinned to ground. The erosion control mats will protect the top soil whilst the tubestock become established. Within a few years the tubestock root system will be holding the soil together and the coir and jute will have distintigrated into the ground.

3) The erosion control mats can be purchased with 5 slits per square metre.

These slits are where we plant the tubestock. With a hand shovel dig a hole under the slit, place into the hole Terraform Plant Establisher and then place into the hole, the tubestock. Terraform gives the plant a triple action boost which helps the plant absorb and retain water and supplies nutrition to the plant over the growing season.

4) Prepare materials for guarding and staking

Use plastic mesh tree guards when the only concern is animals eating the tubestock, if keeping frost and herbicides off plants is a concern use clear plastic tree guards. Stake both types of guards with bamboo stakes 10-12mm in diameter and 75 cm long.If you are unsure, ask local landscapers for advice.

Implement the best landscaping practices and your revegetation program will be a success. For landscape supplies in Sydney, contact the friendly staff of All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123 or visit