Salvation for a Struggling Lawn

2 mins read

Park on GrassWhat lengths do you have to go to in the name of protecting your grass? Do you have guests or family that park on grass without thinking of the consequences? Grass reinforcement products may be the salvation that your lawn needs.

Grass Defenders

For those with a green thumb, it can be a painful sight – you’ve just finished up a hard day of getting your lawn to look perfect, only to have someone decide that parking on the grass that you’ve just sculpted to perfection is the perfect thing to do. The tyres might slip on your soft, luscious lawn, or their car might leak oil onto your lawn. Or perhaps the postie has worn a path to your mailbox.

What Can You Do About Parking on Grass?

So – what can you do to save your lawn from the damage of having people parking on the grass? You could barricade up your lawn with fencing and signs. You could extend your concrete driveway to fit more cars. But these solutions can transform an inviting space into an outdoor prison, and destroy the pride you had in your once-beautiful lawn.

Grass Protection Mesh to the Rescue!

Struggle no longer! Reclaim your grass today. Install a turf or grass protection mesh to protect the root structure of your grass and maintain your turf level. All Stake Supply offers a range of strong eco-friendly products to support your lawn or nature strip indefinitely. Our PP40 and Econogrid 40 are perfect for areas that get daily wear and tear – so much so that you could even remove your existing concrete driveway and replace it with a green space perfect for everyone to park on the grass worry-free. If your grass receives mainly foot traffic, we recommend the TR4 Turf Reinforcement Mesh for managing this weight ratio. If you’re struggling with an over-enthusiastic postie, or less regular vehicle traffic, install a Grass Reinforcement Mesh GR11 for the strength to protect your turf and grass.

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