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  • Porous, brick or concrete pavers: Which driveway option is best?
    27 December, 2016

    Your driveway links your street to your home or garage. It often bears the weight of cars and other vehicles and therefore must be durable and reliable. It is also one of the first features people notice about your home.

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  • Types of erosion impacting our sunburnt country
    16 November, 2016

    We live in a sun-blessed country, with an ever-evolving landscape. Sustainable, natural and affordable erosion prevention materials, such as jute matting and coir fibre meshes, are now more readily available than ever. However, soil erosion continues to be a major issue in both urban and rural Australia, causing problems in agriculture and catchment management.

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  • How a paved driveway can add value to your home
    28 October, 2016

    Are you having a quiet debate about the pros and cons of paving your driveway? Well, perhaps we can help settle that argument for you. With the development of affordable, attractive and environmentally friendly driveway pavers, many homeowners and investors are seeing the potential increase in value that a pleasant driveway can add to their […]

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  • 10 mistakes to avoid when installing your porous pavers
    06 October, 2016

    You’re rearing to roll up those sleeves and install your brand new porous paver. Before you get too excited, wouldn’t it be great if you had a checklist on the things to avoid and mistakes to beware, just to be sure?

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  • Why gravel driveways are the best permeable paving solution
    16 August, 2016

    Driveway pavers combined with gravel can create a fantastic aesthetic for homes and also create a permeable surface reducing localised flooding. Driveway pavers contain the gravel which stops compaction whilst maintaining the permeability of the gravel driveway for decades to come. There are other benefits for installing a permeable paving solution too, so you can […]

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  • 3 Reasons to Install Grass Pavers
    22 July, 2016

    Grass Pavers (also known as porous pavers) are a blend of natural grass and partial paving that aims to create an ideal blend for high use areas like driveways and pathways. This combination of grass and pavers means the ground is reinforced for parking and also retains the beautiful green that grass brings. Read on […]

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  • How garden stakes can save your plants
    20 June, 2016

    Just like people, plants need a little support now and then. Plants go through phases where they will derive different benefits from staking. Here are four examples of how simple garden stakes will benefit your garden.

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