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  • The different kinds of porous pavers and how to select the correct one
    26 March, 2018

    If you’re in the process of installing a driveway, carpark or just any hard surface for any reason, you may have come across porous pavers. Also known as permeable pavers, they’re the best way to care for the environment whilst providing a solid foundation for your vehicles and a nice-looking surface.

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  • Driveway pavers vs gravel: The pros and cons
    13 February, 2018

    As two of the most common driveway surfaces available, the choice for many a driveway owner when resurfacing this part of their property will come down to two – gravel or pavers.

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  • Why you should reinforce the ground with grass pavers
    24 January, 2018

    In terms of aesthetics, a grassy front yard is an Australian ideal. Nothing says the Aussie dream like a big patch of green on your property. But over and above the ability to play backyard cricket matches, grass has a range of natural limitations. Because it needs soft, spongey soil to survive, asking it to […]

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  • Porous pavers can help reduce carbon footprint
    11 December, 2017

    When you think of paving, you probably don’t think of saving the planet. But the truth is that the choice of porous pavers could do just that, by minimising your carbon footprint.

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  • Bringing life to paved areas
    20 November, 2017

    Australian homeowners have shown an increased desire to build more ecologically sustainable homes. One material that is suitable for both new homes or integrated into a home renovation is the use of permeable and porous pavers. Porous pavers can provide homes with a unique look for their driveways or gardens, with many advantages over other […]

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  • 3 reasons to choose gravel as your driveway material
    31 October, 2017

    Your driveway has to be one of the hardiest and durable areas of your property. Tasked with taking the weight of all manner of heavy vehicles – most of which will weigh more than a tonne – the task of choosing the right material is incredibly important.

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  • Do I need to be careful about what I park on my porous driveway pavers?
    02 October, 2017

    Porous driveway pavers are lightweight pavers, usually made out of recycled plastic, that provide structure to surfaces that would otherwise be damaged by traffic, be it from people or vehicles. They are the perfect solution for those who like the look of lawn or gravel, but also want to use an area for a driveway, […]

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