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  • What are the effects of soil erosion?
    21 March, 2019

    Soil erosion occurs when the upper layer of soil, otherwise known as topsoil, is displaced by either water, air, human activity and other causes. Although it might seem unlikely, if left unchecked, soil erosion can cause significant damage to both the infrastructure and the environment.

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  • Which erosion control product is right for me?
    13 February, 2019

    Erosion control is one of the most important things that you need control of when working on land restoration projects. However, soil erosion can be presented in many different ways and there isn’t one erosion control product that can fix every type of soil erosion. In order to deal with different types of soil erosion, […]

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  • How to reinforce your land for high traffic
    18 January, 2019

    Whether it’s for a driveway, a warehouse carpark or a park or festival, you’ll need to prepare some of the land so that it can sustain the damage that will be dealt by high levels of traffic from both people and vehicles. To make the land suitable for high traffic, it needs to be reinforced. […]

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  • 3 benefits of coir matting
    03 December, 2018

    In both gardens and commercial projects, one problem which greatly impedes progress is land erosion. The erosion of lands, such as soil and sand, can result in both hefty financial costs and labour costs. However, there is one very effective means of dealing with land erosion – coir matting. Coir matting is a sheet of […]

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  • Implementing effective erosion control for your site
    27 November, 2018

    Although it may be an often-overlooked duty when preparing a site for development, construction or renovation, setting up your erosion control measures is extremely important, with many local councils enforcing it in order to reduce pollution and protect the environment. But there are many different ways that you can implement erosion control, with each method […]

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  • The importance of smart driveway crossovers
    23 October, 2018

    Driveways are a lot more important to a homes overall appearance than many people think. The driveway should always be constructed in a way that compliments the style of the home, as this will create great kerb appeal overall. At All Stake Supply, we’ve got you covered for all environmental terrain solutions, from porous driveway […]

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  • Which driveway pavers are right for my home?
    26 September, 2018

    Pavers have become increasingly popular for driveways in recent times, and for good reason. They can be made into any shape and colour and come in a variety of different materials, so there’s a style out there to suit your needs and budget. However, which such a wide selection out there, which driveway pavers should […]

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