• Do You Have an Accident-Prone Green Thumb?
    29 January, 2016

    Accident-Prone Green Thumb_lanscape supplies sydneyHave you made costly mistakes in your garden or veggie patch? If so, you may recognise some of these concerns. (more…)

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  • Where You Park Can Damage Your Turf
    22 January, 2016

    park on grassDon’t damage your turf by parking recklessly! Here are the top four reasons your turf might be getting damaged. (more…)

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  • Salvation for a Struggling Lawn
    23 December, 2015

    Park on GrassWhat lengths do you have to go to in the name of protecting your grass? Do you have guests or family that park on grass without thinking of the consequences? Grass reinforcement products may be the salvation that your lawn needs. (more…)

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  • Which Tree Guard is Best For You?
    16 December, 2015

    Tree GuardsTree guards can be essential to ensuring the survival of your plants and trees – especially when young and vulnerable to external forces. With several types of tree guard available, we’ve compiled an easy list to outline the main benefits of each type. (more…)

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  • Tips for a Successful Revegetation Project
    20 November, 2015


    Revegetation Project


    An area of vegetation may become damaged by a natural cause such as bushfire or erosion and be unable to repair itself, the delicate balance of an ecosystem can be thrown off and require strategic assistance to recover. (more…)

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  • Three Tips to Tree Staking
    22 October, 2015

    Landscaping Supplies Sydney

    When it comes to planting young trees, landscapers often choose to stake them in order to support and protect the tree and help them grow properly.  Trees as they grow need to adapt to their environment increase their root ball and develop the capacity to support the tree crown. Staking a tree can help develop these attributes and create a stronger healthy tree. However staking a tree with the wrong technic can actually hinder the trees growth. (more…)

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  • Best Grass Pavers for Homes
    26 August, 2015

    Grass pavers are perfect for outdoor trafficked  areas that are prone to being used as driveways, car parks, and pedestrian thoroughfares. . Home owners who often park on grass also use grass pavers as ground protection. (more…)

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