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  • What are the effects of soil erosion?
    06 March, 2020

    Healthy and vibrant soil is super important to many individuals, communities and countries that care about proper land management. However, soil erosion threatens vegetation growth and can also cause pollution and affect water quality. It is a vital area of landscaping that we must understand, control and mitigate. At All Stake Supply, we not only […]

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  • How bushfires impact soil erosion and vegetation
    19 February, 2020

    Australia is currently experiencing its worst bushfires ever. About 12 million acres have burned since the fires began, devouring the nation. This has had a huge impact on families, communities, wildlife, vegetation and the country itself. In this article, we will take a look at the impact that bushfires have on soil erosion and vegetation […]

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  • COMING SOON: green-POD – Enviro Seedling Guard
    20 January, 2020

    Green-POD – Enviro Seedling Guard changes everything in plant protection. The innovative green-POD combines natural fibre and clever design to create the perfect guard for plants and the environment. Green-pod protection Benefits: Green-POD – is the new way to protect and grow healthy seedlings. Made from recycled fibre green-POD protects from predators, herbicide and harsh […]

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  • Tips for successful revegetation
    15 January, 2020

    Bushfires have recently caused a lot of damage across the Australian landscape. Areas of vegetation that have been devastated by bushfire or erosion might be unable to repair naturally. This impacts the delicate balance of an ecosystem.

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  • Benefits of root barrier installation
    05 December, 2019

    With summer approaching, we want to make sure our landscapes are properly prepared for the increase in temperature. Yes, the extra heat can dry out the ground, but it also helps promote growth.

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  • 3 practical uses for grass reinforcement products
    11 October, 2019

    Grass surfaces are often exposed to daily human activities and heavy traffic that cause the turf to rut and wear. If not taken care of, grass areas may become swampy and muddy which lead to ugly lawns and potential damages.

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  • How is coir matting made?
    20 September, 2019

    Coir matting is one of the most effective methods to fight against land erosion. Whether small or large-scale land projects, soil erosion can be costly and damaging. So, having a natural solution is essential, but where does coir matting come from and how is it made? What is coir? Coir is coconut fibre. It is […]

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