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  • Four Tips for Revegetation Programs
    28 July, 2022

    Soil preparation and plant protection are vital to successful revegetation. Encouraging the development and survival of tubestock involves a few key things, including soil conditioning, weed control, erosion prevention, correct planting techniques and plant protection.

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  • Which erosion control product is right for me?
    12 July, 2022

    Erosion control is one of the most important things that you need control of when working on land restoration projects. However, soil erosion can present itself in different ways. This means there isn’t one erosion control product that can fix every type of soil erosion.

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  • How to get rid of invasive roots once and for all | All Stake Supply
    17 May, 2022

    The arborists rule of thumb says tree roots are 1.5 times its height. Tree roots spread outward in search of water and nutrients to maintain growth. While doing this, they can become invasive. And will cause issues to your foundations and driveway. We will show you how you can get rid of invasive roots. Without […]

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  • What are survey pegs and how are they used?
    28 April, 2022

    What are boundary survey pegs? The most common question that we get asked is, what is a boundary peg? A boundary peg is a hardwood stake that is placed at each corner of your property. And it is set down by the surveyor. It is used to indicate the boundary line between your parcel of […]

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  • Revegetation techniques & erosion control for your garden
    23 March, 2022

    Do you have a sloping garden bed that is looking a little bare? Are you struggling to maintain soil quality and solid plant growth? We can help you create an easy-to-maintain garden using simple revegetation tips. There are many revegetation techniques you can use in your home garden that can: Prevent erosion Prevent root invasion […]

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  • Eco-friendly & affordable driveway alternatives
    16 February, 2022

    Driveways not only need to be functional, but they also need to compliment your house’s façade.  Nowadays, traditional concrete driveways are fast becoming outdated. Concrete is a structurally sturdy material; however, it does have many drawbacks such as: Hot under your feet Requires drainage installation Prevents natural water flow Will crack over time Expensive There […]

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  • Planting trees with tree guards and how to care for them
    07 January, 2022

    Trees don’t only provide visual aesthetics. Regardless of the size, trees have helpful functional aspects. As one of the most useful revegetation products out there, tree guards affirm the functionality of a newly planted tree and work to preserve its integrity and usefulness in its foundational growth stages. Have a look below at some reasons […]

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