2 Quick Steps to Stake Large Trees

2 mins read

A newly planted tree is prone to bending or falling over due to the wind, earth movement or man activities. To prevent damage on newly installed large trees, using hardwood stakes are needed for the trunk and roots to grow strong.

Staking will vary on the size and type of tree. If it’s a small tree, you can use bamboo stakes and tree guards to get it done. However, large trees require a more sturdy yet economical option to keep it standing throughout its first year.

Here’s a quick guide on how to stake large trees for durable support.

First, you will need these landscape supplies to get started:

  • 2x hardwood stakes  we recommend using a sturdy 38 x 38mm or 50 x 50mm stake for large trees
  • Sledgehammer/Post Rammer
  • Tackler Gun
  • Jute Webbing Tree Tie

Garden Stakes1)       Install the hardwood stakes into the ground

The height of the stake will depend on your tree. The length should cover the trunk but not interfering with the branches.

Insert the stakes opposite each other, having the newly planted tree in the middle. Use a post rammer or hammer to drive it deep enough into the ground.

Jute Webbing Landscape Supplies2)Secure the tree with Jute Webbing

Wrap the jute webbing around the stakes supporting the tree. Use a Tacker Gun to secure the tie on the stakes and cut off the excess.

When to remove the stakes?

Garden stakes are intended to temporarily support young trees’ growth. In time, trees will develop strong trunk and roots, therefore they no longer need the stake. Stakes are usually removed after eight (8) months or whenever the tie starts to interfere with the tree.

Staking your newly installed tree allows its root systems to grow strong. If you need supplies for your tree installation, All Stake Supply is the answer. As one of the largest distributors of landscape supplies in Sydney, our range of landscaping solutions ranges from erosion control products, greenkeeping, revegetation,  arboriculture and more.

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