U-Shaped Bamboo Canes

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Made of the highest quality bamboo, U-Shaped Bamboo Canes are the ideal way to grow, support, shape and display any climbing plant. Natural bamboo is heated and shaped to encourage tendril growth into a larger, bushier end plant. Ideal for tropical climbers, U-Shaped Bamboo Canes are well suited for use in a planter pot and the quality bamboo will ensure weather resistance if positioned outside during the warm summer months. U-Shaped Bamboo Canes are far superior in presentation and quality to the clumsy, bulky method of tying three bamboo stakes together.


  • The natural bamboo has been heated and curved to give more support for plants, which will give a larger and bushier look
  • A low-cost solution to a plant trellis
  • Gives additional support and framework for the plant to grow


8-10mm 60cm (24″) – Pack of 25
8-10mm 75cm (30″) – Pack of 25
8-10mm 90cm (36″) – Pack of 25
10-12mm 105cm (42″) – Pack of 25