Troforte M Native 20kg

Troforte M Native 20kg

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Troforte® MMM is a relatively new approach to the cultivation of virtually all plants in that we emphasize on use of proven biological coating on specifically engineered mineral base containing up to 60 natural minerals, together with various forms of natural and chemical Slow/Controlled release fertilisers. These in turn maintain optimal nutrient availability to feed the crop as required and most efficient use of fertilisers.

  • 8-9 month longevity
  • Low Phosphorous
  • Cost effective
  • Increased productivity and yield
  • Increased crop uniformity
  • Increased Shelf life of the crops
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced transplant losses
  • Reduced fertiliser and fungicide applications
  • Increased disease resistance and drought tolerance
  • Improved crop marketability
  • Accelerated growth rates
  • Accelerated budding and flowering
  • Gradual improvement of soil health

18 – 1 -10 + TE


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