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Jute Matting is an organic geotextile which aids in weed and erosion control. An environmentally friendly way of protecting young trees and shrubs by reducing competing weeds and the need to use damaging herbicide.

Because the Jute Matting allows both air and water to pass unimpeded through its construction, the soil beneath it can breathe, promoting the growth of desired plants while reducing evaporation and minimizing watering needs.

Jute Matting is the simplest, safest, and most cost-effective method of promoting new growth on the worst affected slopes because it enhances water filtration while protecting precious topsoils.


  • Slopes
  • Garden beds
  • Landscaping or roadsides
  • Revegetating gardens
  • Coastal areas with high winds
  • Wetlands and riparian slopes


  • Weed Control: The thick natural material stops sunlight from promoting weed growth.
  • Water Retention: The matting increases water retention which aids the establishment of long term vegetation. It also reduces watering costs.
  • Erosion Control: Installing jute matting will suppress weed growth, retain moisture and protect the topsoil from eroding.
  • Fine Jute Matting has no scrim and is used as a lighter alternative.
  • Heavy Jute Matting is used for sand dunes and requires 300mm pins on soft and steep ground.
  • Can be fastened with a “U” shaped steel fastening pins.


Medium Weight 1.83m x 25m (620gsm)Slitted or non-slitted

Thick Weight 1.83m x 25m (750gsm) Slitted or non-slitted

Jute weed matting is a natural product that helps control weeds and stabilises your precious topsoil.

When installing a matting, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • When Installing a matting on a hill, you need a trench digger to dig a trench so you can secure the top of the matting to the top of the hill.
  • When securing the matting to the ground you have the choice of three pins. On loose, sandy soil, you can use the 300mm pin. On undulating soil, you use the 200mm pin. And on flat terrain, 150mm pin.
  • You’ll need a rubber mallet to drive the pins into the ground.
  • To install the pins quickly, you can use a tackler gun with the pin cartridge.
  • Finally, you’ll need a pair of scissors to cut the mat into place.

Steps to install jute matting

1. First, make sure that the site is free of debris and weeds. Since you are planting into the matting, it’s advisable to add around a 50-millimetre layer of topsoil.

2. Layer the jute rolls from the top down to the bottom. If you’re on a hill, dig a trench.

3. Pin the jute into the trench.

4. Pin the matting using a rubber mallet and two to three pins per square metre.

5. For larger-scale installations, you can use the tackler gun.

6. Make sure you overlap the adjoining rolls by a hundred millimetres and pin the matting into place.

7. After you’ve pinned the matting into place, spray heavily with water and the jute matting will conform to the land, making planting easier.

Planting into the matting

1. Mix in a teaspoon of Terraform Plant Establisher at the base of the plant to assist with its growth during the establishment phase.

2. If you prefer pre-mixing your Terraform Plant Establisher, use one to one-half grammes per litre of soil.

There are several jute mats at All Stake Supply:

  • The normal jute matting could be used in everyday situations.
  • If it’s just for spraying grass on the side of the hill, you’d use the fine jute matting. It’s lighter, but it doesn’t have the hessian to bind the jute together in the centre.
  • We also have the heavy jute, which is used for sand dunes and very light soil.

Jute matting is an environmentally friendly method to protect young trees and shrubs. For more information, phone All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123.


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