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Dismiss™ Is a pre-emergent, granular, ornamental herbicide combining two proven active ingredients in one granule. The combination provides broad-spectrum coverage across both broadleaf and grass weeds.


  • It provides up to 3 months weed control over 40 different weed species in potted and open grown ornamentals
  • This product is safe and cost-effective and will increase the aesthetic and commercial value of your potted plants because they are weed free.
  • Easy to apply granular formulation.
  • Packaged in 20 kg bucket
  • Applications:

Shaker Jug application – The Dismiss™ calibrated shaker jug can be used for an accurate rate of application and distribution of Dismiss to individual pots.

Granular Spreader application – For a broad scale application Gordon’s Spread-Rite® granule spreader is also suitable for accurate distribution. It will enable 0.8m swarth pattern (100kg/ha recommended rate) distribution walking at 1m per second.




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