Why porous pavers are perfect for commercial landscapes

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Commercial landscapes offer up a very unique set of challenges for the organisations that possess them

Commercial landscapes offer up a very unique set of challenges for the organisations that possess them. They need to be beautiful, functional and easy to maintain, and they need to do all this while conveying a certain level of professionalism. A commercial landscape embodies the organisation which it fronts; it gives passers-by insight into how the organisation sees itself, and what they might be like to deal with, all at a glance.

The importance of a well-presented commercial landscape cannot be underestimated. But while every organisation would love to have a professionally manicured botanical garden surrounding their offices, not many of them would be willing to pay the price of doing so. As in every aspect of a business, cost-effectiveness is as important a consideration as any.

As far as cost-effectiveness, functionality and looks go, any commercial enterprise would do well in using porous pavers as part of their property’s landscape. What makes porous pavers such a wise commercial landscaping choice? Let’s take a look.


As you may have gathered by the name, porous pavers are pavers that allow things to pass through them. These ‘things’ can be all manner of ground covers – grass, gravel, sand or stone. The porous paver allows what would usually be a soft and malleable ground cover to become capable of taking a load, whether that be from foot traffic or vehicle traffic. The functionality that this affords is unbeatable – as an example, porous pavers allow a commercial landscape to have a beautiful lawn that doubles as a green carpark.

Ease of maintenance

Porous pavers are one of the few commercial landscape options that you can truly set and forget. They are easy to install and require no maintenance throughout their lifespan, which is a long one. They also help to keep your ground surfaces in order. Gravel driveways, for example, tend to develop dips and potholes over time, but by laying down some porous pavers the gravel is set in place, reducing maintenance requirements.

A professional look

Porous pavers also bring a subtle, professional look to your commercial landscape. Quite often they won’t even be seen, particularly when laid over grass. But if they are on display the inconspicuous and even pattern that they form on the ground brings a minimalist beauty to any area.

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