Porous pavers can help reduce carbon footprint

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How porous pavers can help to reduce your carbon footprint

When you think of paving, you probably don’t think of saving the planet. But the truth is that the choice of porous pavers could do just that, by minimising your carbon footprint.

Porous pavers are plastic grids that offer structural strength to otherwise weak ground surfaces, such as grass, gravel and soil. They make for a fantastic front yard option for many reasons, but one of the most compelling is their environmental friendliness.

So how can porous pavers help to reduce your carbon footprint? Let’s take a look.

Allow your grass to grow

One of the most common uses for porous pavers is laying them on top of grass. This makes the grass resilient to traffic, by spreading the load of both people and vehicles over a greater surface area, with the turf happily growing through the gaps in the mesh. With the help of porous pavers, you can turn your entire driveway green if you so wish, and with a standard patch of healthy turf producing the same amount of oxygen as the world’s largest tree, you’ll be giving back to nature in a big way.

Use recycled materials

While other paving options such as concrete and brick utilise freshly mined raw materials, most porous pavers make the most of what we’ve already got. They utilise recycled plastics, forming them into structurally sound and long-lasting grids that can be melted down and reformed over and over again.

Long-life means less replacement

For a simple plastic mesh that is subject to massive weight loading and the whims of Mother Nature, porous pavers are incredibly long-lasting. You can expect to get decades out of these hardwearing surface coverings, meaning that they can match and even outdo many other options like concrete, brick and bitumen.
With a combination of hardiness, adaptability, clever design and responsible production, porous pavers are a wise choice for any homeowner who is conscious of how big an impact they are having on the planet. To reduce your carbon footprint, get your porous pavers today by calling us on 1300 130 123.