How to clean coir matting

How to clean coir matting

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Coir matting is a long-lasting and durable product. Because of this, you may wish to re-use or restructure the laid mat you already have in your landscape. But before you do, think about cleaning it to ensure the best possible use.

In this article, we discuss how to clean coir matting.

Cleaning coir matting

It is important first to note that cleaning coir matting is not essential. They are designed for outdoor use and can withstand many years in the sun and soil. But regardless, there could be a time where you need to clean it – and that is fine, too.

If you’re going to remove it from the soil, you will notice a lot of dirt and weeds mingled with the fibres. It is best to move the mat over a grassy or flat soil area and shake or brush the remaining clumps of soil and sand off.

You will notice this already does an excellent job at cleaning it as the fibres naturally breath and allow particles to detach.

One of the amazing features of coir matting is that you can wet it with fresh or salt water. This is why coir matting is ideal for protecting beaches from soil or sand erosion.

Coir matting

The matting naturally resists mould and mildew from forming in the fibres, so you should not have to worry too much about those issues.

By scrubbing the mat, any markings or formations should be cleared easily. Take into account that thicker mats can handle more vigorous scrubbing than thinner ones.

Why choose coir matting?

In all honesty, coir matting is one of the most straightforward erosion control products to care for because it is designed as a set-and-forget solution. They are long-lasting and require little maintenance.

Coir matting is made from coconut fibres and is an entirely natural product. It is perfect for commercial and residential landscape use. They repel weeds while allowing the proper flora to flourish. They also blend seamlessly into an area so as not to disrupt the overall design.

Erosion control

Installing coir matting is simple and cleaning them (if required) is even easier. When used in conjunction with root barriers and sand bags, your landscape will be completely guarded against erosion damage.

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