How jute matting benefits your garden

How jute matting benefits your garden

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Many landscapers and homeowners in Sydney hear about jute matting as an excellent erosion control product. The product may even be already used on their property.

Still, few understand how jute matting works and its many benefits. Understanding how jute matting works will help you fully utilise this erosion control product.

Your garden is consistently vulnerable to weathering threats, specifically flooding and erosion. Sydney’s wet and intense rainy seasons can undo all your efforts to build and maintain a healthy, visually pleasing garden. Sydney is also known for extremely windy weather in certain parts of the year.

It’s important to find the best way to stay prepared and ready to combat the adverse effects of local weather. One effective and proven way is to reinforce your ground with a natural, organic woven mesh, such as jute matting. This material helps facilitate growth and prevents further erosion from occurring in the area.

Jute matting is an excellent short-term soil erosion solution for homeowners and landscapers all over Sydney. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this versatile product for your garden.

Fantastic features of jute matting to keep your garden in shape

Jute matting offers various features and applications to help you maximise your weed and erosion control. The top features of this product include water retention and weed control.

It is the simplest, safest, and most cost-effective method for promoting new growth. This benefit is often witnessed in sloped areas because it enhances water filtration while protecting precious topsoils.

Jute matting allows both air and water to pass through its structure to allow the soil beneath to breathe. This freedom promotes growth for desired plants while suppressing weed development. Heavier jute is recommended for sand dunes, using 300mm pins in soft and steep ground to hold the textile in place to do its job.

The benefits of jute matting to aid in erosion control and promote new growth

Many argue that black plastic can prove to be just as effective as jute. Jute mat creates a soft barrier to prevent soil from washing away, whereas black plastic traps and cooks the ground underneath it.

Jute matting is breathable, black plastic is not. It can also cause rainwater to pool in certain areas if you are using it on an uneven site. Additionally, plastic is generally not biodegradable, adding to plastic pollution and potentially entering waterways, and blocking drainage systems.

Unlike other polymer geotextiles, jute can be left to biodegrade naturally after several years in service, once plants are well established. It is therefore ideal for areas where a permanent membrane isn’t required.

Jute matting is affordable, easy to install, biodegradable and effective, and versatile. It is ideal especially for demanding Sydney conditions. To learn more about purchasing and installation of jute matting and other erosion control products, call All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123 today!