How a paved driveway can add value to your home

2 mins read

Are you having a quiet debate about the pros and cons of paving your driveway? Well, perhaps we can help settle that argument for you. With the development of affordable, attractive and environmentally friendly driveway pavers, many homeowners and investors are seeing the potential increase in value that a pleasant driveway can add to their properties.driveway pavers

Your driveway frames the first glimpse that visitors get of your property.

We know that first impressions have a lasting impact. A poorly maintained driveway – such as an uneven gravel surface, with potholes – can lead prospective buyers to a biased assumption about the rest of the property. If buyers begin questioning whether the house and interior are also of the same standard as the unsightly driveway, they may lower the price that they’d be willing to offer for your property.

It sometimes pays to save your future buyers the time and effort of making improvements to the property. The availability of easy-to-install, low maintenance porous pavers, means that you can quickly improve the visual appeal of your driveway. Every step you take away from the busy lives of buyers – often filled with work, family and social schedules – is a step that they are likely to attribute value to and thus pay for.

Contemporary driveway pavers, made from completely recycled materials, have proven stormwater management benefits: the pavers maintain the gravel driveway’s permeability. This means no unsightly pooling or puddles and removes the need to install costly water retention and drainage systems.

Not only are porous pavers environmentally friendly, but they are also durable and easy to maintain. Gravel is retained securely within the interlocking structure of the pavers, allowing your driveway surface to stay even and sturdy over time.

Your home improvement list may read like a horror story, with lots of areas in your home that you could spend money on. But if you have finite resources and dollars, it would be wise to invest in giving your property exterior an affordable, yet appealing makeover.

Give potential buyers a lasting and impressive first glimpse of your property. Speak to one of our team members on 1300 130 123 and let us help you create that perfect driveway.