Geotextile Filter Fabrics & Erosion Control Matting

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Geotextiles are filter fabrics that are used to stabilise loose soil and increase stability from wind and water erosion. Made from synthetic and natural fibres, geotextiles help in the filtering, separation, and drainage of water from the soil.


Geotextiles can be woven, non-woven, or knitted.  All these different fabric compositions are suitable and can be used in various applications. Geotextiles are mainly used in civil engineering, agricultural and erosion control applications. It has been proven to stabilise locations such as roads, railroads, canals, construction sites, coastal engineering, and dams. Tried and tested for site and erosion control applications, geotextile facilitates environmental stability, improving soil strength and controlling soil erosion.

Benefits of Geotextile Filter Fabrics:

  • Serves as a barrier and filtration
  • Stabilisation of soil
  • Consistent
  • Cost-effective
  • Longevity of structure

Geotextile Filter Fabric Products

All Stakes Supply is your one stop shop for geotextile filter fabrics and erosion control matting. Our broad range of products include Jute Matting, to protect young trees and shrubs from weeds and the use of herbicides;  Jute Matting Squares, slitted square mat sizes for individual trees; and many other geotextile products to suit all types of erosion control and landscaping projects. To see our full range of products, visit our website at


Jute Matting

Jute Matting GeotextileJute Matting, an environmentally friendly geotextile that protects young trees and shrubs from competing with weeds and reduces the need to use herbicide.  This kind of geotextile will allow the soil to breathe and allow both air and water to pass through its construction, allowing the growth of the desired plants, reducing evaporation and minimising water needs.


Jute Matting is the simplest, safest, and most cost effective method of promoting new growth on the worst affected slopes because it enhances water filtration whilst protecting precious topsoils.


  • Slopes
  • Garden beds
  • Landscaping or roadsides
  • Revegetating gardens
  • Coastal areas with high winds
  • Wetlands and riparian slopes

Also available in square mat sizes which are used for your individual tree planting. They come with slits for ease of use.





  • Weed Control: The thick natural material stops sunlight from promoting weed growth.
  • Water Retention: The matting increases water retention which aids the establishment of long term vegetation. It also reduces watering costs.
  • Erosion Control: Installing jute matting will suppress weed growth, retain moisture and protect the top soil from eroding.
  • Fine Jute Matting has no scrim and is used as a lighter alternative.
  • Heavy Jute Matting is used for sand dunes and requires 300mm pins on soft and steep ground.
  • Can be fastened with a “U” shaped pins

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Advanced Jute Matting

Advance Jute Matting Geotextile FabricWhen it comes to optimising growth and minimising weed competition ADVANCED JUTE* Geotextile has it all. More durable and faster to lay than conventional jute due to its lighter weight, ADVANCED JUTE geotextile makes moulding and shaping the terrain around you effective, easy and cost effective.


For OH&S, ADVANCED JUTE geotextile is 50% lighter than conventional jute. Being a pressed material, there is no dust to contend with your customers and staff. ADVANCED JUTE can now easily be cut to create slits for planting.


  • Slopes
  • Landscapes or roadsides
  • Revegetating gardens
  • Coastal areas with high winds
  • Wetlands and riparian slopes





  • An organic geotextile which aids in weed and erosion control
  • The ADVANCED JUTE geotextile mat forms a mulch which supresses weed growth and increase moisture retention in the soil to aid in the establishment of long term vegetation
  • Easier to cut
  • Light weight
  • Pressed material makes it stronger
  • Equivalent to medium Jute Matting
  • 100% biodegradable organic product
  • Can be fastened with “U” shaped pins

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 Coir Matting

Coir Matting Geotextile Filter Fabrics Coir matting is a 100% biodegradable natural coconut fibre product with an open weave. It is spun and woven for extra strength and will last longer than equivalent jute matting products.


When used with vegetation it is mechanically strong enough to hold slopes together even after heavy rain. Also promotes the growth of new plants and stops the topsoil from drying out and damaging new growth.


Coir matting resists temperature and wind extremes while retaining humidity and reducing soil erosion.


  • Landscaping or roadsides
  • Slopes
  • Roadside
  • Natural regeneration sites
  • Mining
  • Coastal areas with high winds
  • Wetlands and riparian slopes
  • Can be fastened with a “u” shaped pin


  • Promotes growth of new plants
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Retains moisture
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Lasts up to five years with optimum seasonal conditions

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Filter Tube Geotextile

Geotextile Filter Fabrics : Filter Tube GeotextileFilter Tube Geotextile is ideal for removing sludge or dewatering large structures. These tubes are designed with a larger dimension and a higher strength fabric enough to handle large amount of sediment, silt, or sludge.


  • A Geotextile Material barrier which can be used to prevent sediment pollution of drains
  • Fill with sand, gravel, or a specialised filter material
  • Made from durable non-woven polypropylene which gives our filter tubes exceptional filtration properties
  • They are NOT filled.
  • Premium Green (made from durable silt fence material).

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Jute Soil Saver (Mesh)

Geotextile Filter Fabrics : Jute Soil Saver MeshJute Soil saver mesh is an organic loose woven jute mesh used for erosion control, to hold seeds intact, and prevent soil erosion.


  • Grass establishment
  • Natural revegetation sites
  • Mine Sites
  • Sand hills
  • Coastal areas with high winds
  • Wetlands and riparian slopes


  • Mesh is an economical form of erosion control suitable for large projects
  • 100% biodegradable organic product made from Jute (hessian)
  • Can be fastened with a “U” shaped pin
  • Retaining mulch
  • Soil stabilisation

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