Find the best garden stakes for your plants

2 mins read

Knowing whether to support your plants with garden stakes or let them sprawl freely is a concern of experienced gardeners and new green thumbs alike. Here is some advice for common plants on when to use garden stakes and what type to use. You can find all the required landscape supplies Sydney stakes for plants

Tomato Plant

Staking your tomato plant will keep the fruit off the ground, make it easier to harvest and help the plant to avoid disease.

You will need to stake a tomato plant when it is newly planted. It is best to choose a long stake, around 180-240 cms. The stake you choose will be with the plant for its lifetime, as you will need to tie the new growth to the stake as it grows. Durable plastic stakes are a good idea to ensure longevity and that the stake does not rot. Growies TM Everlasting Stakes are durable and come in a variety of sizes up to 240 cms.

Lemon Tree

The good old lemon tree is a feature of many Aussie backyards. When planting a young lemon tree, garden stakes will help the early development as young trees have a root-ball that needs to grow into stabilised roots. Staking during the first growing season will give the tree the support it needs to grow strong roots.

Don’t leave stake in too long as it can cause the root system to become underdeveloped. Wind and the sway of the tree cause the trunk to thicken. Ensure you do not tie the tree higher than halfway or too tightly, as it will impact growth. Growies TM EcoStakes will provide support for a young tree and are environmentally friendly.

Indoor Plants

Wind and competition from other plants in the natural environment encourage plants to grow quickly and develop strong roots. However, indoor plants are protected from the elements and can grow weak stems so garden stakes can help.

Common indoor plants like Philodendron and Monstera can benefit from the aid of stakes. All you need is a simple thin and straight stake like Growies TM Bamboo Stake and flexible ties to loosely stake the plant.

These common plants benefit from garden stakes, as do many other plants. Keep the simple idea in mind that most trees only need a helping hand and stakes should be temporary. Other plants will grow up a stake so choose the material wisely.