Fighting flooding with sandbags

Fighting flooding with sandbags

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Sydney’s rainy seasons can bring long weeks of constant rain, often unexpectedly. Preparing for the season ahead will ensure your property is not damaged by the pouring rain or pooling water.

We often spend hours and hours on our gardens, making them look presentable and healthy. But then a single heavy thundershower can flood and damage our gardens rendering them almost unrevivable in an instant.

Preparation is always key! It’s important to invest in an effective flood-prevention plan such as using sandbags.

Keep reading to learn more about how they can help you fight flooding in your garden.

Why are sandbags effective in fighting flooding?

Sandbags can divert the flow of water, reduce sediment movement and stop winds from removing soil.

They ultimately help keep your landscape in pristine condition.

In cases where damage occurs during natural disasters such as flooding and high tides, they are of particularly good use.

It is essential to choose tough bags that won’t break under heavy use. It is also essential to select a design with strong ties so that filling won’t leak from the heavy bag weight.

With a variety of choices available, our team at All Stake Supply offers both hessian-made bags and polymer plastic-based bags.

We also have a UV-stabilised option available. This way, no matter your requirements, there is an option best for your needs.

Sandbags are also easy to store, fill and transport, making them an absolutely versatile asset for construction and development.

With a small amount of effort, utilising them in any situation is an excellent option for reducing soil erosion and maintaining stability.

Sandbags are not only useful when fighting the flood. These also offer additional features and benefits such as:

  • Being used for temporary retaining walls
  • Stabilising road signs
  • Used for miscellaneous purposes in construction and development work
  • Assist with erosion control

Why are sand bags effective in fighting flooding?

Installing Sand Bags

Installing sandbags is simple and effective for erosion control or construction site usage.

Once you have your bags, sand (or fine dirt), and tie strings, it is simply a matter of filling the sandbags with the material and securing them properly.

Sand or fine dirt both make great fillings. It is essential to try and avoid filling with sharp rocks or sticks as this can cause punctures.

Having filled bags means you can begin to layer them in front of or on the area you wish to protect from erosion.

It is more effective if the bags are placed next to each other. If a second layer is required then place the top layer bag in between the bags laid below, and not directly on top – similar to how bricks are layered. This creates the stability sandbags are known for.

At All Stake Supply, we offer a large variety of sandbags that are perfect for all job site requirements. As effective erosion control products, these are a handy tool to have on-site.

Call our experts today on 1300 130 123 to chat about your sandbag needs.