Essential products to control erosion

Essential products to control erosion

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Gardening is a common challenge. And the difficulties, such as erosion can throw people off.

Some gardens have geographical limitations to what you can do to them, which can frustrate those who don’t know how to prevent erosion as such.

Erosion can be devastating to battle, especially after investing in expensive landscaping renovations. It is crucial to identify erosion and then take sustainable steps to ensure it won’t reoccur.

Trying to establish and maintain a luscious, thriving garden alongside common erosion causes can be challenging. However, with the right assistance from these fantastic erosion control products, it can be done with ease.

Coir Matting

Coir matting is a naturally biodegradable product that protects the topsoil while the plants get established.

This environmentally friendly matting is an open weave system, which helps slow down surface water and enables natural germination.

Coir matting is normally used in a more natural bush setting but can be put to good use in a residential landscape. It can help plants be established in your garden so that their roots can compact the soil underground and prevent erosion.

Jute Matting

Jute matting is a sustainable organic geotextile product, which is traditionally slotted, allowing for planting beneath the material through the gaps. This material absorbs water and reduces surface water runoff which in turn, decreases erosion.

The best way to install your jute matting is by rolling the material down the slope and cutting it using scissors at the base area.

Then repeat the process until the region is covered. Using steel fastening pins, secure the matting to the ground.

After about 2-3 years, jute matting will bio-degrade, after the plants have established themselves and are binding the soil together. Your garden won’t have a soil erosion problem again.

Sand Bags

Sandbags divert water flow, reduce movement of sediment and prevent winds from removing topsoil.

This product helps keep your landscape in prime condition, protecting against even the toughest soil erosion causes.

Specifically in cases of large amounts of water, such as floods, high tides, heavy rains, sandbags can be of great use. They help redirect water flow to where you really need it and keep the damaging flooding water away from places where erosion is likely to occur.

all stake supply

There are several variations of sandbags in the market. At All Stake Supply, we offer both hessian material bags and polymer plastic material bags.

Additionally, we have a UV stabilised option so that no matter what your requirements are, there is an option available that best suits your needs.

For more erosion control solutions and revegetation products, call All Stake Supply today on 1300 130 123.