Do You Have an Accident-Prone Green Thumb?

2 mins read

Accident-Prone Green Thumb_lanscape supplies sydneyHave you made costly mistakes in your garden or veggie patch? If so, you may recognise some of these concerns.

Vegetation can be extremely fragile, especially when young, or when experiencing extreme weather conditions. The right landscape supplies advice on soil conditioners for your project could mean all the difference.

Wild Whipper Snippers

Whipper Snippers and brush cutters are a landscaper’s best friend. But get a little too carried away, or a little too close to trees and you can cause some serious damage. Trees can get ring-barked, while smaller plants can be completely snipped in two! You only need to make this mistake once to appreciate the benefits of an effective tree guard.

Goodbye Grass

You might have to kiss your perfectly green landscape goodbye if you host an event with heavy traffic or if your guests decide to park on the grass (even signs and directions might not be enough). If Parking on the grass is a reoccurring problem, you may be cursing tyre patches, ripped-up soil or even burn marks. There are ways to easily protect your lawn’s integrity, without having to shoo cars away 24-7. Grass and ground reinforcement products are – easy to install and disappear as the grass grows through.

We know which products will help you get your vegetation project right the first time around. If you want expert advice on the right landscape supplies in Sydney, speak to All Stake Supply on 1300 130 123. Give your trees the best chance to live a healthy life by choosing the correct landscaping supplies from Sydney’s best team of environmental sustainability experts!

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